Saturday, January 2, 2010

The New Year.

So the New Year has started. It's really a wonderful year. And to start off this new year, I cut my hair. Yes, I cut my hair to my chin. If you know me, then you know that my hair has been somewhat long since I was very young. So now, it is short, short, short!! Or at least it is short for me. To my chin! I am so excited though. I think it looks great! So does my sister so that is a plus! Now It has come to my attention that my posts are rather wordy, and that is true. I mean I always have a picture so at least you have something to look at... But I like typing so you guys can suck it, it's staying wordy.

So again I have my New Years resolutions! And I will now tell you my resolutions because I feel like it... They are all really silly.... Sorry.

New Years Resolutions
- Start conversation with people
-Not to butt into peoples problems when they don't want me too.
- Keep my hair the same length for a long while
- To be more outgoing
- To become somewhat fluent in German (or at least learn it)
-To post frequently
- To find my style
- To read, read, read!
- To finish the book I'm writing, even if it sucks
- To write more music.
- Learn the piano

Dang it, so now I can't get my font unbold itself, which is stupid! And it's quite annoying! Oh wow and now it is not bold anymore... This is dumb! Yes well now that the computer is annoying me, I'll just post up my new picture and yeah... I hope you all had a great new year!!! :D Mine was not very exciting but there is nothing better then starting the new year with William Darcy. Yes that is one beautiful man... I love Pride and Prejudice! I like the one with Kiera (I know I spelled that wrong... :/) Knightly at least, I haven't seen the Collin Firth one yet, I hope to though! Well Bye!

I want it!!


  1. yey piano, i took it for like 5 years when i was young and never did anything, but when i started to play recently i became very good its quite a beautiful instrument

  2. Nice!!! :]] I really want to start soon!! :D

  3. like reading the music or playing because they are both very different things to learn, i can play very well and read ok but i cant at the same time