Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside.

What a good movie... When you are in the mood.
Hmmm so about that dance...
It was pretty good except for one little screw up. So there was this really really cute guy there! And may I just say that I like more pretty guys... The ones with longer hair that are what some people call "feminine." Yeah I totally disagree with that entirely! But anyway, so there was that hot guy. Sadly he was pretty high... High as a kite really. Though I thought he liked me maybe cause he kept on looking at me. But I am not into that stuff so I didn't say hi to him or anything. Anyway, a couple days after my friend told me he had a facebook. She also said he was so high he wouldn't remember me. So me being the girl I am, I added him. Well he remembered me. Later that night I got a comment from him on facebook saying, "yeaaa howd you find me on fb" Yeah well it was quite embarrassing. But me being the awesome girl I am, I replied with "Ummm I guess my super cool X kid powers?" Ha! I'm the coolest. And a total creeper!

So anyway, how has everyone been? I haven't posted in a while... Sorry about that. I have just been very busy. I tried out for my schools musical! Cross your fingers for me! I'm excited to see if I get a call back. Because at my school, everyone gets in, but only people who might get leads. I'm fine with either, but it would be cool to get a lead!

Hmmm I have nothing else to report on. Everything else is TOO personal. So I'll keep it to myself. Yuss... Alright I have nothing else to add. I'll write again later! Bye.

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