Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Everyday's Special, I'm Not Complaining.

Horrid day today. Really. Some teachers are just... Stupid! I really dislike a lot of them. Example A: My history teacher. She gave me a D- for a collage I turned in a week late, I get that. She took off ten points. She then took off ten points from an essay I wrote that I turned in TWO DAYS LATE! I got a D-. The EXACT same grade. What. The. Hell. That really is not fair in my opinion. But whatever, it doesn't matter now.

So I want to give a little advice. If you are a guy, and you like a girl, TALK TO HER! You do not know how frustrating it is for a girl when they find out you like them and yet you won't talk to them! Gosh darn it, no one likes a pansy! And man, have I known a lot of pansies... But yes, anyway...

I must say, I sure have gotten lazy. Maybe since no one really reads this, I find that I don't need to do what I used to do. Or maybe since I have been in a terrible mood lately, I just haven't wanted to. Who knows. I do know that with great things come bad things, so this is probably just making up for that amazing day I had. Karma I guess. Can't fight with karma, now can you? No... You can't.

Well I need to do homework... I'll write a real post eventually, I promise! Just having a bad week lately. Doesn't help that I hate hugs and whenever people find out that I am in a bad mood, they INSIST on hugging me... Ugh! Yeah but anyway, ta-ta for now! Here is your lovely picture.

I really miss this girl... I could always talk to her... It's a bit different now...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

You Are My Evangeline.

Okay, I just want to clear something up, I AM NOT IN LOVE! Jesus you guys, learn how to read. I am not in love. I wouldn't be that hypocritical so soon after I wrote a post. I mean I might maybe in a month or so but not days after the fact. So there is point ONE in this post. Come on guys, don't be silly.

So yeah I saw the Princess and The Frog. It was AMAZING!!! Everyone should see it. It was really really good! Very cute, super sweet, just enough girly but not too girly... I loved it! Ha what and I saying? It was UBER girly. Wow I feel like such a tool for saying girly. I hate it when guys say stuff like "What's up girly?" What do you think if you show your "feminine side" girls will like you? No. It's just really annoying and kind of makes you sound gay. Now there is nothing wrong with being gay but if you are strait... Yeah that is what it is making you seem. Gosh, guys trying too hard pisses me off....

Yeah so I am in a terrible mood. I don't even know why. Ugh! Now I can't even write more... I'll post again later. I just can't really deal right now with my pissed off-ness. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ba, Baaa, Ba, Baaa! This Is The Sound Of Settling.

SO I would like to tell you all that my great feeling... Yeah It came true... I got my wonderful thing. And I must say, it was positively wonderful! I was happy all day! I must say being in a great mood is probably the best thing in the world. That and being in love, but I have never been in love and neither have most children my age. Ha! So yeah, it's the best feeling in the world. All day I just wanted to spread the joy! Ha and you know what really makes you even happier? Listening to Safe Ride by Cute Is What I Aim For, on repeat. It gives me a really good feeling, even if it is one of those obnoxious songs about a girl and love. I mean who cares! Not when your in good mood! So yes, I would like to spread the love to you guys! So yeah... This is me spreading the love! *Spread*

So eyes, I have a new toy! It's called a WEBCAM! I'm pretty sure one of these days, I'm just gonna put up a video of me talking so you don't have to read it, ha! It's not like you don't know what I look like anyway. So if you have any really strong feelings against that, please say so! And by the way, it will probably only be once. I like typing. Ha. Even though I am terrible at it.

Okay so word of the of the day is... LEGIT because I have been hearing that a lot lately... And have noticed that I say it sometimes. So here's the definition.

Meaning: Not fake or real (cool)
(adj)- A modern synonym for words such as "cool", "ill," "tight," or "dope." Used to describe a noun that is of particular good quality. The slang use of this word is slowly but steadily increasing in popularity.

Wow this blog is totally LEGIT right? I know it is. Because Alessandra is legit. (That would be me by the way) So yeah this post didn't really have any point to it either. Though I did get my wonderful. And I'm happy for that! So yeah... I have nothing else to talk about so I think I might just go....
Oh by the way, I am going to see that new Disney Princess movie, The Princess And The Frog. You guys should all see it too! It should be great... Though I'm guess you guys aren't young girls... SO you don't have to. I like to see movies like that. It's fun to pretend you seven again...

So anyway here is your picture!

I wish I was a mac model. This makeup is SO COOL!

Hmm kind of short today, eh?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Want You To Admit You Are Wrong

Have you ever had the feeling that something truly fantastic was going to happen? That you are going to wake up in the morning, go to school, and something magical will happen? It happens to me ALL the time. People always tell me that that is a bit weird, that they only have that feeling that something bad will happen. But me? I can feel it deep down in my bones that something great will happen! And I absolutely love this feeling! That anxiousness to see what it is, that excitement for when it will come, that pure happiness that something good will finally happen! I'll tell you this, last time I had this feeling, I couldn't stop smiling for a week, and it did eventually happen, this great thing. So because of this feeling I have had a spectacular day! Truly and utterly spectacular. I really hope that you guys get to experience this because it is AMAZING! It really is amazing. Goodness, I sound so silly! Now on to a more serious note...

Secrets, secrets are no fun, unless you share with everyone...

That is not true. Well sometimes it's true, but most of the time, no. Want to know what's not fun? When the secret of you liking someone is shared with EVERYONE. That's not fun. A secret isn't a secret if everyone knows. I mean, some things are meant to be shared, but other things are really supposed to be kept under lock and key, you know? So here's a tip, from me to you.
If your friend tells you a secret, it's meant to stay a secret.
Don't go telling EVERYONE around you.

Yeah so I really don't have a topic for today, as you might have noticed. Maybe it's because I decided to write and 10:00 P.M. Which is when I usually go to sleep. (So yeah, I go to bed early?!) So I can't seem to focus on anything. Tomorrow I think I might write another just for good measure, one that actually has to do with something. Ha. So I wanted to tell you, please notify me if I use some kind of emotican whenever I write. I have come to find that I use them way to much and have tried to refrain from using them in my blog. So yeah, tell me if you see one of those buggers.

Oh Yeah so what's up with people making fun of bloggers?! Yeah, some kid at my school apparently reads this and makes fun of it! I don' know how he heard about it but yeah, David, you suck. Bloggers aren't whiny little emo kids, or at least most aren't. I might fit into that whiny category, but I really try not to! I promise! HA notify me if I do THAT too much as please!

Yeah... I legit, have nothing to talk about... So I think I should skivvy for now and write again tomorrow... When I am more awake. Thanks for reading this nonsense you readers out there. Woot Woot for comments. I like you... Two people. Ha! Goodnight all!

Yo, here's your picture!

I don't know if you can read it but I thought it was funny... Maybe I only thought it was funny was I was tired. Ha! Goodnight all!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Dakota, I know our love is new. I barely know ya.

I'm in love with you. Are you in love with me too? Those are the last two lines in the A Rocket to the Moon song, Dakota. People don't really notice the lyrics to some songs but I do... And these ones, if you read them, are so very strange. I mean they really tell you about teenage love. You give your heart automatically to a person of whom you are usually just infatuated with, yet assume it's love you are feeling, and of whom you barely know! And the most annoying part is they insist on telling everyone about their love! Bah, you are not in love! You might have a strong liking for them, but you are not in love. Most music these days have to do with some person who is pining after another, wanting them to love them. Love. That's a strong word. And knowing most teenager, myself especially me, they are flighty and change their minds within days. Now I have compiled a list that shows you of our love. Here are some of them.

The list
Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson
Everything We Had- The Academy Is...
The Brightest Green- Anarbor
32 Way To Make You Smile- Backseat Goodbye
When Did We Loose Ourselves?- The Bigger Lights
Romance In a Slow Dance- The Bigger Lights
I'll Run- The Cab
Vegas Skies- The Cab
Actually all of The Cab
Face The Day- Callahan
All of Cute Is What We Aim For
All of A Fine Frenzy
You Make My Dreams- Hall & Oats
Coffee Break- Forever The Sickest Kids
Here (In Your Arms)- Hellogoodbye
All of The Maine
All of Nevershoutnever!
Some of The Scene Aesthetic
Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap

Those are only a few, and I know you know it! Those are just some of the songs and artists from a playlist my friend made me. I guess She felt I needed inspiration or love, though I don't. I know that I sound really silly, like someone who hasn't been in love so she is bitching about it, but that's not true. If you really think about it, have you ever been in love? Or have you just been infatuated? There is a difference. So there are two words of the day today, LOVE and INFATUATION. Here's the definition for you stupid heads.

The most spectacular,indescribable, deep euphoric feeling for someone.

Love is an incredibly powerful word. When you're in love, you always want to be together, and when you're not, you're thinking about being together because you need that person and without them your life is incomplete.

This love is unconditional affection with no limits or conditions: completely loving someone. It's when you trust the other with your life and when you would do anything for each other. When you love someone you want nothing more than for them to be truly happy no matter what it takes because that's how much you care about them and because their needs come before your own. You hide nothing of yourself and can tell the other anything because you know they accept you just the way you are and vice versa.

It's when they're the last thing you think about before you go to sleep and when they're the first thing you think of when you wake up, the feeling that warms your heart and leaves you overcome by a feeling of serenity. Love involves wanting to show your affection and/or devotion to each other. It's the smile on your face you get when you're thinking about them and miss them.

Love can make you do anything and sacrifice for what will be better in the end. Love is intense,and passionate. Everything seems brighter, happier and more wonderful when you're in love. If you find it, don't let it go.
One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life:

That word is love.


Infatuation consists of people thinking they are in love but when indeed it is just a deep lust or like for another person.
Infatuation sucks.
All-encompassing, gut-wrenching, soul-draining activity that only requires the active involvement of one individual: the obsessor. A second individual is required for the peripheral need of providing the obsessor with an object of needless, unappreciated, possibly unwanted, often unwarranted affection. The second invididual may or may not be aware of his/her peripheral involvement, and may or may not be willing to be peripherally involved: the object's awareness and/or willingness of being an object of desire is of no consequence to the obsessor.
The innocent girl lost her sensibility due to her infatuation with the nice boy, who was in constant denial of the entire situation.

Yeah so I know that today's post is a bit wordy. But I wanted to get my thoughts out there. You might have noticed I have some strong opinions about things. Well a blog is what I do to get my opinions out there, even if no one reads it. So yeah. Now I'm not a hypocrite. When I like a guy, I don't gush about how much I love him. I legitimately say "I am totally INFATUATED with this one guy!" Yeah so it sounds weird but who cares?! I'm a weird girl. Well I'm gonna go now. Here is your pretty picture!

This picture is titled "Young Love." That's not true though is it? "Young Infatuation."

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Drivers, Start Your Engines...

And off they go!!! Hello, I haven't written in a while. I'm sorry. I swear this thing in basically an online journal that anyone can read! Ha! It's great... Yeah so today I'm going to be talking about hook-ups. I have never hooked-up with anyone and apparently I'm really missing out... I don't really see what I'm missing out on. I mean you get with one guy or girl (depending on preference), make out for a while, and then part ways, going back to whatever you were doing before. I mean, kissing seems like something you would do with someone you really like, right? But hey, these days most girls are rather whoreish, no offense. But sadly when thinking about hook-ups, it makes me curious, kind of makes me want to hook-up with someone, just once, just too see what the big deal is! You know? But then again curiosity killed the cat. There is also the problem of actually getting someone to hook-up with me, which would be rather difficult. I'm not exactly on the to of every guys list. I'm no Lucy (A friend of mine who happens to be n the top of many guys lists). So not only will I die, but I will also probably get rejected! Which leaves me with hooking-up with a friend. That just seems really awkward!! I don't see how people can just hook-up with friends and then just go on like it's nothing... It seems so... Awkward. That's the only word I can think of. Oh well though. People these days just don't really care... They are influenced by hormones and nothing else. AND no one these days gets boyfriends or girlfriends anymore... They just hook-up. See I don't really like that. I can see hooking-up with your significant other but NO, it's got to be someone you will never really talk to again other then in school in, the hallway or something.So here we are folks, with the teen dilemma of a century! Shall we watch everyone tear each other apart in their fight for a good hook-up? Or should we take part in it? Meh, I guess I'll just have to see....

Alright since that paragraph came out to be a novel, here is the word of the day. No surprise here it's HOOK-UP. (I must really have this on my mind...)

Hook- Up:
to join together, to acquire through certain channels, to obtain, to fuck.

Usually in reference to drugs, a good deal, or getting laid.
"I need to call my hook-up."
"Go call your hook-up."
"I gonna get my hook-up tonight, yo."

1. Your drug connection.
2. To get with a honey.
1. "Yo, can I meet yo' hook-up?"
2. "Me and that fine-ass bitch gonna hook-up."

When people Hook-up, it having sex. most of the time with no stings attached
Boy:wanna Hook-up?
*insert sex here*
Never talked to each other again

So yeah in high school, usually people take out the sex part and just insert making out, but you get the picture right? So yep, that's all I had to complain about... It really annoys me and yet intrigues me, which is bad on my part! Yeah, so I'm gonna skivva-dip. Peace out homies! Here's your pretty picture.

Awww how cute! ... I hate it...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cruel Intentions

Such a good movie. You guys should all see it! It's wonderful! I thought it was hilariously wonderful. I mean it's sad at the end so if you are a weeper... Yeah don't see it. But yeah... See it. So the play is over with. It's weird not having anything to do after school. I was so used to being at school until nine and now I'm always home. Blegh life is so boring now! I don't kknow how people can spned all of their time at home. There is nothing to do. But at least I have friends now! Have you ever moved somewhere? I mean I am an army brat so I have. There is this period of time when you get to a new school when you have only school friends. They always talk about hanging after school but it never happens. It's always only at school. But then you finally find a out of school group of friends and it's totally amazing. You have this sudden high of "Oh my gosh, these kids like me!" I love it when that happens.

So guess what!? I am finally putting music on my ipod! I'm so happy! Most of it is complete crap but oh well. I'll live for a while with that music! I live on music. It is my favorite thing in the world. I could spend all day just listening and playing and making music. I like musical people. Most of the people I hang out with has something musical about them. Which brings me to my word of the day. MUSIC!

Indefinable by words alone. It is not only something you hear but what you feel. It is something your soul can reach out and touch. It originates from all over the world since time began. Complex or simple, fast or slow, loud or soft. It is what you feel, or it could be your method of escape or it could just keep you alive.

All music is miraculous.
“That's the beauty of music. They can't take that away from you.” ~Red~ -The Shawshank Redemption

I'm pretty sure that that is a wonderful definition of music. Ha! Yeah so I don;t know what is wrong with my computer. After I do the WOTD, my format gets all screwed up. It sucks. Oh well, Whatever. If someone can fix it though I will be eternally grateful!Yepp, so I'm gonna go because I have nothing else to talk about... Have fun having a life everyone! I on the other case do not have one, as you can see by the fact that I blog all the time!Toodles!

Dude I typed my name in google images and this picture of me came up!! :O

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I may be ugly, but they sure do love to stare!

So yeah, i haven't written in FOREVER! It's pretty depressing. Thanks to my one reader. You really are lovely! So Yeah, the plays first show is tonight! How nerve-racking! I'm pretty sure I'm going to die from nervousness... I am very nervous. But who cares about that? I'm in the play, and I have fun! I can't wait for all of my friends to see it. It should be great! Anyway, I would like to say that Massachusetts in the fall is amazing! All of the leaves are on the ground, which should be depressing, but I find it lovely! It really is beautiful! Wow what is up with me and the exclamation marks! I'm really letting them be known! Hmm I have come to find that half the time, I don't even know what I'm talking about. It's really silly. Really very silly... Oh well!

So i have come to find that only creepers really use facebook chat. Maybe not all, but the majority of them are creepers. I mean a lot of the people who talk to me on facebook chat, are just very weird. They either talk about their problems or they hit on you, guy or girl. It's annoying. What's even more annoying is that they facebook chat you to tell you that your profile picture is pretty. Just comment on the damn picture! I like seeing a new notification that says, So-in-such has commented on your photo. Then you look at it and it's someone complimenting you! It's nice to know someone "appreciates" you. Ha that sounds so silly! I sound like a woman scorned. I am not a woman scorned. Just a woman not noticed! I am only kidding. I'll have you know... I'll have you know that I have nothing for you to know. Right-o, I think it's time for the word of the day! Here it is. NAKED.

1.naked love it hate it
Anything meaning bare, mostly, but not limited to:
- Unclothed
-Seeing something with your naked eye (There being no obstruction between your pupils and the event/object
-Naked flame, a flame that has no shielding.
- To be naked of all pride/possessions, to not be proud of yourself or your actions/ to have no possessions.
"I want naked chicks!"
"The sun can blind a naked eye"
"No naked flames on the service station forecourt- Fire hazard"
"I couldn't pay up so I left the bar naked"

Yeah so there is a reason for that definition. I was listening to a song called Naked As We Come by Iron and Wine. Check it out it's amazing! yeah so that last definition kind of screwed up my format and I don't know how to fix it, so you guys are gonna have to deal with it looking different. Sorry about that. Hmmm So what to say... Oh yeah! I just want to say that I still love Nevershoutnever! but I have come to find that their new music kind of sucks right now. It's really sad because I used to be obsessed but now I can't really find the power to. So Nevershoutnever! start making good music again! Okay I should go because this new format is pissing me off. Peace out, kiddos. Here's your pretty picture.

I am going to marry this boy right here. I swear it!!! This is Jean Baptiste Maunier.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Yeah Boy and Doll Face.

Now I know you might find this totally crazy but I believe in radio karma. What is radio karma you may ask? I believe that the song that is on the radio when I turn it on will tell e about my day to come, or affect my day in some way. I know it sounds silly but it's totally true! One time I turned on the radio and it was Firefly by Owl City. From then on my day was absolutely wonderful! I know it makes me sound crazy or stupid, but haven't you ever believed in something that just is so weird and outlandish and just positively wonderful? Hmmm Maybe it's just me. I'm just a weird kid.

Wanna know what else is weird with me? My mood. It's weird.... I feel like... I feel like I'm missing something really important. Something that I should have by now but I just... Don't. I guess it doesn't really matter. This is a normal teenage thing to be feeling. It makes sense right? I'm not some crazy girl that is going through some manic depression or something. Ha. I heard that you can always tell that someone is going to commit suicide if they drastically change, like cut their really long hair short, or something. I think it's because they crave that last bit of attention before they do away with themselves. I don't know, I haven't cut my hair or anything so I think I'm pretty safe for now... Hopefully. I'm thinking no word of the day today, sorry darlings. Not in the mood. Ha Jesus I'm such a Debbie Downer today! It's pretty bad... Next time I promise it won't be so bad! But anyway I guess I'll just give you your picture. Keep debating Barney you guys! Talk to ya laterrrrr!

This is a good picture. This artist did a good job. It's called Burlesque singer. Just putting it cause I was singing today. Bye now!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey look at me!

So I am so very tired of this play. I mean I get that we have to practice every day, but darn! I'm so tired everyday! It's like they don't even know that we have school! I am a high schooler, in AP classes. Yeah, practicing everyday after school until the wee hours of the night is so difficult. And we are off book now! (That's theater lingo for we are not using our scripts anymore.) Have you ever been in a play? When you do, you can complain to me about how much time you are spending on the damn thing. Now on to other news, the swan costume is going very well. I'll upload pictures when it's all done. Sadly to say this project of me making the costume is not working. My mom is the one making it. Gr on that. I really need to learn how to sew. I want to make all of my own clothes and have this crazy, cool unique style! That would be fun! But hey, I'm a girl, I think about being my own person with unique style all the time. Ha! Not at all. I have no style what-so-ever. It's great. I like clothing... Hmmmm do I ever... All right I'll change the subject now.

So I face a mission for all of you guys! I want you all to ask everyone around you, whoever is there, whether Barney is Purple or a Weird Shade Of Blue. And then I want you to argue the opposite of whatever they tell you. I know this sounds really really weird, but trust me, it's kind of fun... Then I want you to comment, telling me what happened. Do it! You know you want to! I know that it is weird but seriously... It's fun! (Man I have a weird sense of fun...) Ok anyway, I think it's time for the word of the day. And guess what it is? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... It's JIZZ! I was listening to The lonely Island's Jizz In My Pants today and have now decided that you should all know what it means. So yeah here...

1. jizz

is an organic fluid known as semen that usually contains spermatozoa. It is secreted by the gonads (sexual glands) and other sexual organs of male or hermaphroditic animals, including slugs, for fertilization of female ova. The process of discharge is called ejaculation.
She got jizz all over her : She has semen all over her.

2. jizz

The secret ingredient of a Big Mac.
Wow, you can really taste the jizz!

Yeah So I am super embarrassed for this Word of the Day but yeah.... I felt it was needed. Ha! SO anyway, how has everyone's day been? Mine has been pretty... Okay? I hate it when people are juvenile... Okay that isn't true. I hate it when people act stupid for stupid reasons. I mean, let me tell you a story. There was this guy, and he liked me, but we are only just friends. Now I know people hate that line "I see you only as a friend," but think about it, If you honestly don't see them that way are you just gonna say, I don't like you? No you won't say that because it's not true. You would say "I like you as only a friend." And so I wanted to be honest and I was. But now woe is me, he won't even look at me! Not only will he not look at me or talk to me, but now none of his friends will either! Which is stupid because I am fiends with all of them and now I have no one to hang out with. Blegh. Boys are silly... They are! I don't know of any girls that do that! Hmph... But anyway, I have good news for all of you that know me... Of course I won't say it over the Internet you will have to ask me in person... Ha! Now a couple of the four readers can go crazy! Buahahahah! Well yeah, I really should go now... So Adieu for now! Here is your pretty picture. Peace!

I am IN LOVE with this boy's hair. Deviant art, You can find the best pictures!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Attack of those firery ninjas!!!

So hey, I haven't blogged in a little while.... Sorry about that! I have been super busy with the play and everything. But, I'm blogging now so have no fear, AllyO'mally is here!!! Wow lame.... So anyway, Have I got a story for you! Damn it, I sound like the freaking Veggie-Tales! (Which by the way you should all watch because it's amazing!) Yeah So, I have a solo... Oooh big deal right? Well that's what I thought, until I found out that it is in front of the WHOLE FREAKING SCHOOL! Yeah I'm freaking out over here. I have not sung in front of that many people before.... Luckily I have Team AC with me! I love those guys. For those of you who actually read this... And if you go to my school, Yeah they are all amazing, granted they are all Theater Nerds. (Theater nerds are amazing so whatever.) ANYWAY, I have more to rag on about Massachusetts people, because I'm cool like that, and because I secretly love them all for it.

Yeah so what the heck is up with people that talk to you ALL the time via facebook and texting, but they NEVER talk to you in person? It's so annoying!!!! I mean it's especially annoying if they are always telling you to talk to them in person, but they never actually make conversation with you. Exhibit A: I have a friend, who has no name. Anyway he is always getting mad at me because I never talk to him in person. So I see him walking down the halls one day, so I say hello for once. And what does he do? He smirks at me and walks away. Yes, he SMIRKS at me, and WALKS AWAY! What. The. Hell? Blegh it makes no sense whatsoever! I mean seriously? This is the kid who is always telling me I'm never talking to him in person and that makes him "so sad." Well Apparently not so sad because the freaking douche didn't talk to me! (By the way, this is only jokingly. I don't actually hate him or anything.) Yeah but has that ever happened to you guys? Just those stupid kids that do that? Or do you do that to people? Either way it's SO ANNOYING right?!!!

Ha, I'm really diggin' the caps lock right now. It really conveys your feelings, good or bad. Yeah so I want to address something. I am SO sorry that parts of my stupid blog are being cut off, especially in that last post. I mean that's just RETARDED! HA there I go with the caps lock again... But yeah, I'm sorry if on your computer it did that. On some computers it may be just fine, but on mine, it's cut off, which is retarded, as I had said before. Wow a lot of commas in that sentence, some of them probably not needed, but whatever, it's all in good fun. So anyway ready for your word of the day? It's gonna be delicious. Literally. The word of the day is DELICIOUS! Ha so here you go. Definition for you dumb-asses.

1. delicious

Food that taste very, very, good.
This chocolate cake is delicious!



Used to describe someone who is very attractive and/or has tremendous sex appeal.
See Billie Joe Armstrong.
The lead singer of Green Day is delicious.



A hottie that has it all. Brains, Bod, Personality, Tude, A True Goddess...
She is so delicious - a total package. Just the thought of her is enough to make me loose my mind.

In my personal opinion, you are all positively DELICIOUS for reading this. You make me happy, whether you like it or not! Ha, NSN reference! Oh by the way I was told I had to say this for my friends. Gabe and Mickey are both douches. Total dicks. Ha ha ha. There I told everyone just as you asked. (Something gives me the feeling you don't even read this... Ha!) Right-o! So I can't really think of much else to talk about. I might be doing two posts today, because I need to catch up on lost time. By the way, thank you, one reader, who commented and told me to keep blogging. I'm blogging right now because I saw that! Yay! You're a cool one! *Insert smiley face* I'm trying not to use emoticons. Anyway, I guess it's time for your pretty picture and for me to take my leave! Talk to you again later tonight probably! And if I don't leave me very angry comments. That will show me! Ha! 'Kay well here's your picture!!!

Yeah so this is a Rockstar. I thought this picture was absolutely amazing! Check out www.deviantart.com. It has all of this art submitted by these people and a lot of it is really wonderful! Check it out! Okay well peace out, "Y'all." Eww I hate that. I will never use it again.,

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fame, I'm Gonna Live Forever!

Today, we have had the wonderful experience of lighting a fire in our fireplace. Now we had done this many many times in Germany, but for some reason, this fire decided to be extra smokey, which mean, the dreaded fire-alarm when off. Not a pleasant sound. Now you know how smoke is supposed to go up the chimney? Well that's not what it is doing. It's going out of the fireplace into our rooms. It smells like burning firewood in my home everyone! It's... Fun? Oh what am I saying, it's oodles of noodles of fun. (Dane Cook reference) So what's been happening my friends? Enjoying the colder weather? I know I am! I love the cold. Well I love the cold when I am dressed appropriately. Don't you just hate it when you leave for school in the morning, thinking it will be cold, but it turns out that it is really, really cold!?! I hate that! I like being warm in the cold. It's nice!

So today I am going to my very first party. I have never been to a real party before until tonight so cross your fingers for me, okay? Yes so what exactly do you do at a party? Especially one for seventy-five people? I mean I know it's outside, in a tent, with a DJ. Yeah and that there will be a lot of people from my grade. Yuck. People in my grade just don't like me. They think I'm "emo." Not very cool man!!!! I blame the hair. It was supposed to be "scene" but here there is no scene. There is emo/ goth. I am neither of those. But anyway, I don't know why I'm worrying about this party. It doesn't even matter. Never mind anything i said. Wow I just wasted a minute or two of your life on this silly paragraph.... Wasn't it just lovely? It was great. I know, I know. You loved it.You did indeed.

So time for the word of the day I guess. Yes that mean I'm in a better mood. No biggie. So any way your word for today is... MERP.

1. merp

noun: Mary Jillian Castillo
verb: 1. To savor things beyond the last drop.
2. Prolonging a topic of conversation, joke, or noun beyond its recommended life-span.
adjective: cute. whimsical anime-style, often used to characterize head garb.
noun. "'ey Merp!"
verb. "Stop looping that song before you merp it."
adj. "That is quite a nice merp-hat you are wearing today, sir."

2. merp
A playful term used between friends
TJ; *Pokes Maria* Merp.

Ok well it has many other definitions but I can't copy and paste them right now and I'm too lazy to type them all up. So yeah I picked this word because people have been asking me what it meant and well, I honestly didn't really know what it was. So I looked it up! Yay! So everyone look at all the other definitions on urbandictionary.com. Very useful website man! It defines everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! Go there and worship it. No don't do that. That's bad. Almost as bad as smoking. Have I mentioned that I am strait-edge? Yes, I don't drink or smoke, so please don't ask if I want to, because I don't. Too many people offer. I don't like it when people offer. It's annoying. Wow I'm really going for choppy sentences today. It's. Terrific. Very. Much. So. What if people actually spoke like that? Well sometimes people do. It makes me laugh. Sometimes I'll even talk back to them like that. It's hilarious because you can really tell that they don't even notice that they speak in such choppy sentences. So when you start talking like they do to them, they think you are really weird. It's funny. I love it. But anyway I should get going! I need to get ready for said party that I'm going to. Goody goody gumdrops. So peace love and happiness to you all. If you have my number then text me... Or call me. Whichever. And if you don't have my number? Well then that's too bad. Ha. Okay well here's your pretty picture.

So yeah This is Lights. She is probably the most beautiful woman to walk this Earth. I wish I looked like her because she is beautiful. Goodness! So look her up on myspace. http://www.myspace.com/lights There is her link! Yeah so she is amazing. If you guys get her to meet me I'll love you forever! I'm serious I really really want to meet. her. She is my idol... Okay well goodbye my lovelies!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Decision Making

Life sucks when you have to make hard decision. It always seems to at least. Most people run from their fears or some face it right away. I am most definitely a run away from my fears kind of person. It's really very terrible. Terribly terrible. But I'm a big girl right? I'll get over it soon, like most girls. We tend to stress over things and then minutes later we totally forget entirely. I'm pretty sure that must annoy the hell out of most guys, and well most girls hate it too. Take me for instance. I do not like how someone can cry over a guy one minute and then be making out with another the very same day. I once asked a girl why she did this after she had. All she said was, "I am young. Why should he have to tie me down?" Yeah you didn't say that a couple hours ago. You were crying about it ALL night. But who really cares right? Not me. Ptttssshhhh of course not.... That's a lie. I do care, because not only is it annoying but you sit there thinking 'HOW ARE YOU GETTING ALL THESE GUYS!' Okay maybe that's just an Alessandra thing.

Okay so I am very sorry for being so annoying today. I'm in a really bad mood. And I know I haven't written in a long time. I recently got to a computer so I'll be writing again! Yay for technology!!! Lap-tops are wondrous things! SO anyway, I need YOUR help! I need you to spread the love on my little blog here. I like knowing that people read this. Ha Ha. I'm just kidding you really don't need too. It would be cool though! (Hint hint....) Alright-y so I guess I'll just get on with this post cause yeah... It's not very interesting...

You know what. No Word of the day today. I'm in such a bad mood it just doesn't seem right. I don't really know why. I just can't get myself to pick one. Goodness me something MUST be wrong with me. Ok well now I have to think of something else to say... Hmmm.... What should I write about people? Hmm.... I know! I'll talk about music.

So yeah, music. Did you know I sing? Well of course you did. I talk about it. :P But anyway, so want to hear a dream of mine? I have always wanted to start a band. A friend of mine did and it flourished. They are always having shows and being cool... I miss them. But whatever. Anyway, I absolutely love music. All kinds! well except country. I don't like country. I'll listen to anything else though! My friend Camryn has a huge music collection and she is always giving me music it's great! So seriously, when I put a band in my posts, you should really check them out. they are probably a lot better then you think! I have some good taste. SO This time I think I'm going to put three pictures. Because I feel like it... So here you go.

This is the Cab. Check them out. Alex Deleon and Alex Marshall are my loves!!!

This is Disco Curtis. Check them out. Tanner and AJ are my loves!

This is Ollie Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon. Check them out. (Hardcore) I don't like them AS much but I still love them! Ollie Sykes= my love!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

If You're a flyer, then fly my Falcon!

So I want to start off by saying that I am sorry taht I haven't written ina while. I do not have a computer as you might know, (Have I mentioned that before?) so I have been trying to go to the library everyday, which of course does not work. once we get a computer I'll be able to write a lot more, though it doesn't really matter to you now does is? So Guess what everyone?!!! I made the Play and That Accapella group! Aren't I just so talented? Bahahah not really. I'm just uber happy. Only one other thing could make me happier and that involves someone comfessing their undying love for me, but that will never happen now will it. Ha ha ha by the way that was a joke. So anyway, I am so freaking happy, it's insane! I could not be happier! WEll I could, but that's not the point! My optimism bar just went strait up, meaning I'm going to be annoyingly cheerful and helpful (did that make sense?)

So guess what everybody? I'm making my own comstume for Halloween this year, meaning I'm starting now on it. This year I am going to be a swan. I'm ver excited. It will be EPIC! It will be Fabulous! For any of you guys that know me, I hope you get to see it cause it will be fan- freaking- tastic! Lots of white, and epic hat, a feathery cape, and lace up boots! I ahve no clue as to how I will accomplish this project, knowing that I can't swe. Well what are moms for, eh? My mommy dearest willl probably have to help me a lot. But hey, after one time, iI'll probably get the gist of it and make my clothes by myself! Hmm next I should learn how to cook! Then I'll be able to cook, sew, and clean! Hmmm Won't I be a wonderful wife?

Speaking of cleaning, that's what I did all yesterday!!! Which was completely terrible, but at least it's done! Now there is room for my epic box fort, of which I still have to make, but whatever. By the way, it's time for the word of the day! The word for today, I have already said repeatedly. it's EPIC!! So here's the wonderful definition!!!!


1) Being unusually large, powerful or wonderful. On a grander scale then the modified word would otherwise imply

Sasha gave me the most epic blowjob

Yeah So that was an awkward difinition. Hopw you got a kick out of it. But seriously, epic is a totally overused word, but I love it. It goes right along the lines of FAIL. Also a wonderful word!!! So I have noticed that this entry is super short but I have to go! sorry. heres a picture

Yeah so not only is he really pretty but he is totally awesome! Check out Black Veil Brides! This is Andy Sixx by the way!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love me or hate me.

So I just want to put it out there that there is no part two, to the last post, You're a shooting star part 1. There is just that one part, and I know that it will be annoying people so I'm keeping it that way. So just want everyone to know that I totally bombed that audition. I might still make it but knowing my luck, I didn't. It was still a good experience. I like all the people in it which is cool. Maybe I'll hang out with them more! It's really not my fault that I did that! I mean, lets just say Mr. Raped Shoes was there and I kind of froze up. But whatever. Who cares! Man sometimes I'm worried that he is reading this. That would totally suck! Hmm he would know my secret! Not that I'm not obvious enough. Because I am the queen of unsubtle. Seriously, me trying to be subtle must be hilarious because I completely fail. It's wonderful!

So I must say that I have been wondering if anyone actually reads this. I have always kind of wondered this. So if you are reading this, comment it or something. Hey, you can even follow it if you wish! I'm just really curious to see if people actually read this. I mean I really don't mind if no one does, and I know at least one person does (Sam?) And no one really cares about others personal lives, which is probably why fashion blogs are so popular. You never really have to hear about their live and you get to look at pretty pictures. It's kind of a win/win situation right? But anyway, if you are reading this, give me a sign that you are! I would really really appreciate that. And everyone wants a happy Alessandra! Cause when she is happy she doesn't whine as much!

So I'm adding more to this blog because I haven't written in a while. Which is really unfortunate right? I have come to find that this blog seems to be like a diary, except I actually want to write in this instead of never writing in a book that I eventually loose after writing ten pages into it. I fail at diaries. But this extra paragraph isn't about that. It's about..... Hmmm what am I getting at with this. I'm pretty sure it's just filler. I'll probably figure out a reason to be writing this in 5..... 4...... 3....... 2.......1....... Oh I know! I'll write about my school! It's fun to talk about my new school, because everyone is just freaking crazy! So I am a total loner at my school and usually end up just sitting by myself at lunch (which I am fine with!) just listening to all the conversations. Now that may be socially unacceptable, but seriously, some of the things people talk about are hilarious! I was sitting at lunch the other day and witnessed a full blown fight between two freshman over peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Yes. A real screaming match over that! One girl though they were good, the other thought them horrid. Where did it lead? One girl storming out of the cafeteria and the other on the verge of tears. I have no idea if it was just their "time of the month" or something, but I have never seen someone get so worked up about something so stupid! Oh my goodness I was laughing for the rest of the day. It really made me smile. Practically made my day. So if you guys are very sad and in need of a laugh, you should listen in on freshman's conversations. They usually have the funny ones.

Okay so the only other thing to do is.... WORD OF THE DAY! I bet you are just super excited right? What could the word be this time??!! Well the word today is, STUPID. I'm making it this word just in memory of those freshman I was eavesdropping on. Enjoy!


1) Someone who has to look up "stupid" in the dictionary because they don't know what it means.
You are stupid.

2) An adjective to best describe the average person
Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize that half of them are stupider than that.

Yeah so looking up this word made me feel just plain STUPID, but I wanted a real definition. There was one more meaning up I really didn't want to put that because i would probably get jumped in some way or another. Let's just say it was political and had to do with George Bush. Ha ha ha! Made me laugh. But maybe not others, eh? Yes I'm Canadian now. What are you gonna do about it?

So I must say Au revior because the evil Library lady is giving me the evil eye because I have been on for a long time. So Have a lovely day every one! (Oh my gosh, old word of the day!!!) I hope it's pleasant. Wish me luck on the auditions for the play tomorrow and also on if I got into Team AC! Gosh I hope I made it..... Here's your pretty picture!

So yeah this is the best freaking band ever and I am going to their next show no matter what! Breathe Carolina everyone! Look them up! http://www.myspace.com/breathecarolina

oh by the way, the reason why I am at a library is because I have no computer at the moment. Which is also the reason why I haven't been writing as much. So to all those people who have said anything, CHILL OUT! I'M WRITING NOW AREN'T I?!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

You're a Shooting star Part 1

So this first post is dedicated to my best friend, Camryn. Now I will only do this for really really good friends so don't go asking me to write one about you, cause I won't. So here we go, this is all about you Camryn. Hope you love it!

Once upon a time, on July 13 1994, A beautiful girl was born. She was freaking crazy I tell you. From the start she was a musical fiend! Grew up listening to the best, like Jimmy Eat world. I mean seriously, this chick has to absolutely amazing. She was super smart too. Always getting good grades and reaching for the top. Always taking the hardest classes ever. But the only problem was, I bet she was super lonely, because she hadn't met me. Yes, you read right, she was lonely until she met me. (Ha ha ha Camryn, you know I love you) So anyway, her life actually started one fateful day in German class. She entered the room late, walked up to a random seat and sadly her peace was interrupted by an annoyingly high squeaky voice answering the teachers question. And it happened again and again and again. Who was this girl? Some know it all? Gosh she was just SOOOO annoying (for the record I wasn't actually all that annoying!) She refused to talk to her at first. I mean this girl was so, so annoying. But eventually it was inevitable. She just had to talk to her because her friend Gio was totally besties with her, (cause she was amazing!) Turned out they had a lot in common. They listened to the same music, they had some of the same friends, and soon, next thing you know she was asking her to a concert.

Yes everyone. My best friend thought I was the most annoying thing in the world at first. She thought I was totally weird. But it got a lot bettter after that first Breathe Carolina concert. Breathe Carolina just has a way of bringing out the good in everyone. If you want to meet anyone totally amazing i suggest you go to one of their shows. They are freaking fantastic.

But anyway, about Camryn. From then on we were inseperable. She took me to all of the best concerts and we were always going to the mall to scope out guys. She just has so much in common with me. We listen to the same music, we do the same kinds of things. She has her little fanfiction secrets just like me (I mean what are the odds that we would read the same kinds of stories?) I find that I can actually have a real conversation with her. She is wonderful and beautiful! Seriously, you are lucky to even meet her. Don't let her bitchy personality fool you, she's a total marshmellow.

This post may not make any sense but then again, you don't have to read it. Most people don't. This one is mostly meant for Camryn. (You better be happy with it chicka, This is totally rushed!) I just want to say that Camryn is the most amazing, beautiful person ever. And no one could ever take her place. You can be my best friend too, but never take her place. So remember SHE IS FREAKING AMAZING AND I LOVE HER!!!!!!!

Isn't she Gorgie???!!! :]]]

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dude Your Shoes Look Like They Have Been Raped. Glorious!

So you know those times that you say something, like word vomit, and you just feel like screaming FML after? Well imagine you walk up to a boy that you really like, and you "Wow, your shoes look like they have been raped. Glorious!" Just picture that moment. Can you see it? Do you feel bad for yourself? Because I have done that. And I feel bad for myself. It's not the most fun thing ever to do. You walk away from that person and mentally, (or in my case literally) slap yourself on the forehead. It's positively delicious. I just want to warn all of you young women out there, think before you speak. It really helps.

So on a different note, anyone excited for Friday? I'm not. I have come to like showing up at my school. I may not have many friends, but they ones I do have I like them a lot. Which is lovely (Old word of the day anyone?)! Man I have to say, Massachusetts football is totally different from Texas football. I don't think I have ever seen so many people go to a football game to not even watch it. I mean I know socializing is a natural thing in high schoolers but it's so weird to wee all of them talking to each other when some poor little boy, who's parents are probably forcing him to play that sport, is working is butt off. I feel bad for them. So for all of you that go to my high school and played tonight's game, I was watching to play. Your effort wasn't for nothing.

So I'm adding an extra paragraph because I'm not in the mood to put in the word of the day yet, so, I'm going to ramble on for a bit more. I really love music. My life has always been centered around music. I really wish I could start a band or something. Then I could spread my love for music to others. But it seems at my prep school, they think that being in a band is way to weird. I mean seriously, who wants to be a part of a form of art? Not me! It's quite silly really. Everyone listens to music, so why not be part of it? I'm actually going to try out for this Co-Ed accapella group and I was told to not even bother. What's so bad about me trying to do something I love? SO what if it's dorky and people will make fun of me? I don't! Let them jeer and laugh, I will be enjoying myself with a bunch of other people that love to sing also. So take that preppy teenagers that have no life! When I succeed in doing something I love and you are stuck working in a tiny cramped cubicle, you will probably rethink not doing something you love just because some kids might laugh at you.

Jesus, I"m so whiny today. Oh wells! SO now onto the thing you have been waiting for, the word of the day! It's super fantastic today! Can you guess what it is? Well you probably can't because my words of they day don't really have anything to do with what my posts are about. So anyway the work of the day is SALT! So here is your lovely definition. :]]

1. Salt-

1: adj. - to describe something unfortunate or unfavorable happening, or one's angered mood.

2: verb - to do something which causes an unfortunate or unfavorable situation.

3: inter. - to express distaste or unhappiness about a situation.

note: the international symbol of salt is brushing off one's leg with the back of their hand as if one is dealing with salt being spilled upon them. also, for additional effect, one may hiss like a snake (see: salt snake).
1: "did you hear the flyers lost?"
"yeah, i was pretty SALT about it, but then i remembered that those bums always lose."

2: "robert esche is doing his swiss cheese impression again this season."
"yeah, he really knows how to SALT everything up."

3: "someone finished off the last of the pizza."
"SALT, now what am i going to eat for breakfast tomorrow?"

Yeah so I had never ever heard of SALT until I moved here. People use it instead of saying "burn" or something. It's weird. They even have this wall at my school called the rejection wall. When the college letter come back, all of the seniors put their rejection letters up on the rejection walls, and all of their friend staple packet of salt on the letters. Isn't that weird? Oh yeah lets make our friend feel even worse that he/he got rejected by telling them it's a burn. I just find whole thing strange. I know it's meant to make people feel better, to show them that they aren't the only ones, they aren't alone in the rejection process, but seriously, you are kind of publicly displaying your crushed hopes. Hmmm maybe I'm just used to Texas, where everything is WIN WIN WIN! So if you were rejected from a college, no one ever heard about it. That secret was kept in a box, which was locked in a safe, that is buried deep in the ground where no one can find it. I swear it's crazy how many things have to be the best in Texas.... Well anyway I should go to sleep, so I'm a skivvie. Good night everyone. Hope there isn't much salt in you day tomorrow. Here's your pretty picture!!!

So yeah Kate moss is BEAUTIFUL!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Falling slowly

I seem to have a theme of naming the blog I'm writing after the song I'm listening to. CAn you guess what it is this time? You got that right, it's falling slowly from Once. I really need to see that movie. It's sad that I'm obsessed with the song and yet have not seen the movie behind it. At least I'm not one of those people that buy a whole soundtrack to a movie and never see, but tell everyone about how you LOVE the music in it. I think that's just retarded! I always think, 'Meh what a poser!' What It's all good. People can do that if they wish, but seeing the movie usually gives you more reason to talk about the music. (I'm such a hypocrite!) So I must say though, everyone should listen to Falling Slowly from Once cause it's freaking amazing. I have been listening to it on repeat as I work on my English homework (the work that I should be doing while I write this but hey, I'm a procrastinator.)

So I was wondering, have you ever met someone that is so incredibly sweet and yet the most awkward person known to man? I sure have recently. The nicest person ever. Very animated, so happy, but so damn awkwardly shy! I wonder if they know that they are so awkward? Well actually I know they are. I used to be that awkwardly shy person, you know the one that deliberately stands away fromt he crowd. The one who tags along with a friend and doesn't know anyone and makes a point to not meet anyone cause you were "dragged" there. I must say, I even had a signiture stance. I would stand with my hip cocked and my hand on my elbow. My friends teased me for forever about that. I'm not saying that I'm not awkward still, because I certainly am, But I do have to say that I'm a lot better. I don't avert my eyes when I talk to people (well not that much at least), and I try to talk above a whisper. I'm a lot more out going then when I was younger. I have a lot of people that can vouch for me. Now there is a reason why I am rambling on about such inane things, and do you want to know why? The word of the day! It just so happens to be, AWKWARD! Ha ha, see I was going some where with this. So here's your lovely definition!


Interjection used in a situation that is slightly uncomfortable, often accompanied by a gesture where the lower arm is thrust out parallel to the ground with the hand open and fingers together with thumb on top.
(long pause) ...awkward..

So once upon a time that was me in a nut-shell. But hey, everyone has their phases. Mine was the awkward chick. I swear I really looked awkward too! But I could have been that girl who goes through a super depressed phase, or the one who gets really obnoxious and doesn't seem to have a mental block on whatever she say. These are all phases, so if you are going through that, or know someone who is, just ignore it. It'll eventually fade away... Hopefully. Goodness me, today seems to be more of me whining then me joking around about Massachusetts and its lovely inhabitants. I guess the writing of the writer effects what is written. Wow I used thatt word a lot in that sentence. Try to say that ten times fast. Well enough of this AWKWARD post! You have better things to do then read it. Peace out girl scout. (I am aware that if you are male you are not a GIRL scout. It's a saying. Get over it.) Here's your pretty picture of the day!

So check this guy out! Nsn all the way! (Nevershoutnever) He is Freaking amazing!

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's in the ABC's of growing up.

Hmmmm Don't you just love Imogene Heap? I do! She has fantastic music. So yesterday I totally forgot to write, hmmm not your problem right? Yeah I know. I had so much homework. It's crazy how much you can have when you procrastinate on doing it over the weekend. And no one can deny that you don't do it! Unless you're Asian. They are cool enough to do their homework when it's assigned. But who really needs hours of homework? Not me, and not many teenagers in America. I can't say the same about Europe, but Americans don't need to be smart! Aren't they all hill-billies? That's what Russel Brand says. Who can forget his hilarious remarks about the Jonas Brothers purity rings at the 2008 VMA's. Classic! That's is one attractive man! What can I say, I, just like Katy Perry, am in love with him. (I'm only joking.)

So has anyone noticed the strange fads with websites? There have been so many huge websites over the years, mostly to do with emailing friends. Myspace, Facebook, Vampirefreaks, Myyearbook, Yahoo, AOL, AIM, Meebo. I remember the days back when people actually sent letters! You know those thin pieces of trees that usually have words on them? Yeah those are letters! You learn something new everyday! Nowadays people can't go a day without their cell phones or a computer. I'm not going to lie, I am a teenage girl, I have a strange anxiety and anxiousness when I have no way to contact my friends. I asked around and most people say they feel naked without their cell phones. I really find it hilarious, this attachment to electronics. Look at all of the BLOGGERS! They spend their days posting everyday, more then once a day. I guess this is just our way of expanding in technology. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we didn't have all of this stuff? Just to be like how it used to be? I have.....

So on a less deep (yes oh so deep,) and unsettling note, it's time for the word of the day!!! And guess what it is! It's WICKED! Here in Massachusetts, everyone says WICKED. So here's the definition for all of you southerners, or normal people like me.

New England slang that adds emphasis. Synonymous with really, very and hella.

To describe how great something is: "This car is wicked cool!"
To show aggravation: "This fucking guy is a wicked asshole!"
To show frustration: "That guy is wicked slow!"
To show amazement: "Wow, that game is wicked awesome!"
To describe a person: "She's a wicked bitch!"
To describe the weather: "Man, it's wicked hot out here!"
To emphasize feelings: "That story made me wicked sad!"
To exaggerate your point: "That took a wicked long time!"
"That wicked cool car is wicked fast is owned by that wicked old guy, who drives it wicked slow when it's wicked hot out, which makes me wicked sad cause I'm wicked broke and I got to walk a wicked long way."

I think it's wicked awesome that people here say that here! See all you New Englanders! It's even in the dictionary as your word! Be proud of it! Love it! Worship it! Make love to it! Seriously the kids at my school say it so much, they practically rape it. No joke.... Well a little bit of a joke. Ha ha ha right? You love it.

I really hope that today's post have been somewhat amusing. I have to skivvie again. Because I'm a good little high schooler and need to work on my homework. Goody. It's been WICKED typing today. Very fun. Peace. Here is a nice little picture to look at.

This is the best ever. Go to their Myspace page! http://www.myspace.com/heiswe

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hello, Great Wide Blogging World!

So I decided that I wanted to be like all of the cool kids these days and start my own blog instead of hearing or reading one. How lovely does that sound? Because that's what the world needs. Another teenage blogger to write about their feelings and about everything that's happening in the world that affects them. Sooooo, I better get right on that. There's a lot to write about.

My name is Alessandra, and I am in high school, I won't say which one or which grade I'm just in it. I just moved to the lovely state of Massachusetts, where the people aren't as friendly as they are in Texas. There's something about the south, maybe it's the food, but they are just really nice. If you have also just moved from the south to the northeast you probably felt the over-whelming culture shock. I should have listened to all of those Texans when they told me the kids up here wouldn't be the nicest. Ha ha ha, what an understatement! I mean I love it up here, but man do they know how to be rude. And it's marvelous! I love cranky teenagers!
So I have decided I need a little word of the day. And it's going to be Lovely! so here is the definition, just in case you are super retarded or something.

Lovely(adj)- 1] obsolete: LOVABLE
2] Delightful for beauty, harmony, or grace.
3] Grand, Swell
4] Eliciting love by moral or ideal worth.
(In this case I mean definition three.)

So I really, really, really, reallyx10 hope that I can be like all of you funny little New Englanders. Think I can? Or am I too nice? "Hey I'm from Bawston. I'm gonna pawk my caw."
Was that good? Hope it was lovely.

WELL, I'm a skivvie..... That mean I'm going to stop writing. For all those reading (*cough*no one*cough) Adieu.

Models are so pretty, but they sure do look like aliens.