Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Want You To Admit You Are Wrong

Have you ever had the feeling that something truly fantastic was going to happen? That you are going to wake up in the morning, go to school, and something magical will happen? It happens to me ALL the time. People always tell me that that is a bit weird, that they only have that feeling that something bad will happen. But me? I can feel it deep down in my bones that something great will happen! And I absolutely love this feeling! That anxiousness to see what it is, that excitement for when it will come, that pure happiness that something good will finally happen! I'll tell you this, last time I had this feeling, I couldn't stop smiling for a week, and it did eventually happen, this great thing. So because of this feeling I have had a spectacular day! Truly and utterly spectacular. I really hope that you guys get to experience this because it is AMAZING! It really is amazing. Goodness, I sound so silly! Now on to a more serious note...

Secrets, secrets are no fun, unless you share with everyone...

That is not true. Well sometimes it's true, but most of the time, no. Want to know what's not fun? When the secret of you liking someone is shared with EVERYONE. That's not fun. A secret isn't a secret if everyone knows. I mean, some things are meant to be shared, but other things are really supposed to be kept under lock and key, you know? So here's a tip, from me to you.
If your friend tells you a secret, it's meant to stay a secret.
Don't go telling EVERYONE around you.

Yeah so I really don't have a topic for today, as you might have noticed. Maybe it's because I decided to write and 10:00 P.M. Which is when I usually go to sleep. (So yeah, I go to bed early?!) So I can't seem to focus on anything. Tomorrow I think I might write another just for good measure, one that actually has to do with something. Ha. So I wanted to tell you, please notify me if I use some kind of emotican whenever I write. I have come to find that I use them way to much and have tried to refrain from using them in my blog. So yeah, tell me if you see one of those buggers.

Oh Yeah so what's up with people making fun of bloggers?! Yeah, some kid at my school apparently reads this and makes fun of it! I don' know how he heard about it but yeah, David, you suck. Bloggers aren't whiny little emo kids, or at least most aren't. I might fit into that whiny category, but I really try not to! I promise! HA notify me if I do THAT too much as please!

Yeah... I legit, have nothing to talk about... So I think I should skivvy for now and write again tomorrow... When I am more awake. Thanks for reading this nonsense you readers out there. Woot Woot for comments. I like you... Two people. Ha! Goodnight all!

Yo, here's your picture!

I don't know if you can read it but I thought it was funny... Maybe I only thought it was funny was I was tired. Ha! Goodnight all!


  1. well i personally havent noticed any emotocons but that doesent matter i cant really say much not but will comment later.

  2. ok now that i have some time...
    first. secrets are in no way fun true true but we all are hypocrites about this because of course we all have shared a secret about our self or someone else it is inveatibol. we just have to reming ourselvs what might happen if people find out connecting to the other blog Oh Dakota, I know our love is new. I barely know... if you shared who u liked with someone would you want them telling everyone? i dont think so and even if they think they are helping they might be hurting but you have to forgive them...

    now that feeling of something amazing is going to happen i get it all the time especially this week im not sure what it is but every day i feel like something great will happen and by the end of the day great things have happened but not the one big thing? i dont know why but im expecting more today my team beat the other team by soo much and i had 3 personal bests (swim team) but i felt like there was more i guess its good to be optimestic.?

    now i have to go funny how that works... um the thing about blog hater is that they are jelous of you having something that is yours and other people follow so dont let it get to you

    sincerly ghost