Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Everyday's Special, I'm Not Complaining.

Horrid day today. Really. Some teachers are just... Stupid! I really dislike a lot of them. Example A: My history teacher. She gave me a D- for a collage I turned in a week late, I get that. She took off ten points. She then took off ten points from an essay I wrote that I turned in TWO DAYS LATE! I got a D-. The EXACT same grade. What. The. Hell. That really is not fair in my opinion. But whatever, it doesn't matter now.

So I want to give a little advice. If you are a guy, and you like a girl, TALK TO HER! You do not know how frustrating it is for a girl when they find out you like them and yet you won't talk to them! Gosh darn it, no one likes a pansy! And man, have I known a lot of pansies... But yes, anyway...

I must say, I sure have gotten lazy. Maybe since no one really reads this, I find that I don't need to do what I used to do. Or maybe since I have been in a terrible mood lately, I just haven't wanted to. Who knows. I do know that with great things come bad things, so this is probably just making up for that amazing day I had. Karma I guess. Can't fight with karma, now can you? No... You can't.

Well I need to do homework... I'll write a real post eventually, I promise! Just having a bad week lately. Doesn't help that I hate hugs and whenever people find out that I am in a bad mood, they INSIST on hugging me... Ugh! Yeah but anyway, ta-ta for now! Here is your lovely picture.

I really miss this girl... I could always talk to her... It's a bit different now...


  1. About y advice: If she doesn't like you like that or anything, and doesn't want to talk... Don't push it! And don't get mopey if it doesn't work the way you want. There are plenty of fish in the sea...

  2. Just because you said so i am now going to give you a hug tomorow

    sincerly ghost

  3. karma is a bitch, i hope you feel better