Friday, April 30, 2010

Animal Intensity.

Ha what does that even mean?!

Yeah so I love love love love love love love love listening to music that makes you so good inside. I must say, I just had a wonderful dance party by myself. It was great!!! I had loads of fun! So come on! Get on a great song and have a dance party too! It's the only way to get by. They really are fun. Scream the words and jump around! Shake your head, shake your butt, jam out! Have you ever been to a concert and just watched the band jamming out completely. They look so happy! Be that band!!! Be that HAPPY!

Hahaha so if you haven't noticed I am in an incredible mood! I am feeling rather lovely! I don't even know why. Nothing really amazing has happened today. I went to school and then went home. I have been sitting on the computer since. And yet...? I am jumping for joy! I can't get over this great feeling! If you have been reading my blog, you will see a blog from a long long time ago about me having this strange feeling that something amazing was going to happen to me. Well I have that feeling again! I don't know why!! Ahhh

Yeah so I just got on MLIA and spent a while reading. I started this blog at 3:49 and it is not 6:18. I have a problem! Ha Okay I'm gonna go. It's party time!!! So have a good day! Here Is Landon Pigg. I love his CD so much! It makes me happy....

Thursday, April 29, 2010


OH goodness there is so much to do with so little time!

Yeah I don't know where that came from... I just felt like saying it. It was really fun too. Ha so anyway, I'M GOING TO PROM!!! Yay! Ha and I'm going with... A girl. Ha. Not that I like girls. I'm going with a friend. It will be super duper lovely! I can't wait! We are taking the T into Boston and woot woot. Yeah... That made no sense at all! Ha well hat's what I get for doing this late at night when I'm sleepy but can't sleep. Oh well! It will be a total success. I know you love my blog! Yeah yeah I'm gonna change topic now onto... VOCABULARY!!!

Ahhhh I love the way some people talk. I especially love "ghetto speak" as some people call it. There are just some things that are so funny!!
And many others that I of course can't think of. Yeah I keep on thinking of some amazing words for these lists and then forget them when I finally write them down. Dang it. That's the problem with my fail brain. It fails. Oh well! I like the fact that I don't say stupid things, for example: "I was amazed and like super surprised at how little rights people in sweatshops have!!!" Yeah no shit, S.G. Ha I'm sorry I had to say that. There are just some people that say the most stupid things! Seriously, where do they come up with these things? Hahaha It makes me laugh....

I'm going to marry this boy. Just saying.
*I decided not to actually put his picture up like I planned because yeah... I'm not a creeper. I don't randomly put up pictures.*
Ha me and this kid have been planning to marry since third grade. Seriously. You know when you are really little and you have one of those guy/girl friends that you are so totally close with and you always plan to marry (keep in mind that you are little!) No? Just me? Well if you do know what I'm talking about just nod your head. I bet you secretly nodded your head bu you just don't want to admit it. But ANYWAY, yes, we will be marrying eventually. So get ready for that.

Check this guy out!

Love Is A Story. Not amazing live, but he is one of my favorite bands. I love this song the most. It makes me infinitely happy even though it's not a happy.

Mmmmkay. So you have something to look at and lots to read. And now I am going to attempt to go to sleep even though I can't. Joy! Have a good weekend you guys (Ha I crack myself up with the plural. Have a good week Erica) I'll post again... Probably tomorrow! NIGHT!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's just my luck that I finally get everything in order, I finally have a computer again and I'm ready to blog again and what happens? My internet breaks. I spent all of my spring break without internet... Which kind of wasn't that bad at all... Actually... I liked it a lot! But I am a teenage girl so that is blasphemy! Ahhhh I might just get smited right now.

Guess what?! I have become obsessed with a certain youtuber recently and it just tells me... I want to start youtubing. Why not? It sounds like fun, and it would just be me being super duper silly. I lie the idea. It think... Just maybe... That I will do it. I'll inform you nonexistent readers (except you Erica, ha you are always there. I LOVE YOU!) all about it if I decide to!

Yeah so since I'm on the subject of youtube, here is another video for your viewing pleasure!

Mmmmmm Jared Leto... What a sexy beast! The 30 Seconds to Mars concert was sick! It was absolutely amazing. I loved it! Ummmm yes it was great. That's all I will say... Ha!

Whatever happened to Aly and AJ. They were huge for a little while! All over the Disney radar then suddenly... They went away. Weird! They just freaking disappeared. Ahhhh mind blowing!!

Here is a list of words we should use in our vocabulary regularly!
Jeezy Creezy
Buh (Ha Charlie)

Yeah I have more but I have given up. Maybe I'll add more later...? Yeah... Sure. HA!

I just watched almost every charlieissocoollike video withmy sister... We are AWESOME! Yeah I'm gonna finish them off now...

Mmmmkay (Ha reference!) I'm gonna go now! I'll post again tomorrow (hopefully~!)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I died.... And now I'm back

Hello everyone.... I died.... Sorry about that. But I'm back now, living and breathing and such. Well for the most part. I was sick so yeah, the breathing part was a little hard... Ha I couldn't sing without coughing every so often... It made things difficult when I was singing in the choir concert. NOT IMPORTANT though. Ha so anyway, I don't know what to tell you. I could fill you in on all of the things I've done recently but that would make then longest post in the history of man! So I will not do that. But I will.... Ugh yeah I have nothing else to say. Should I ramble? Nawwww. I'll say a few things and then skivvie.


Yes so E.A. and I recently found a rather cool dude... Ummm actually the most amazing dude. Charlie is his name and is his name and I rather like him. Here is one of his videos... :]]

Ummmm yeah I love him... charlieissocoollike.

Ahhh who wouldn't like him? He is so cool like!!! Enjoy my friends!

Uhhh.... I am seeing 30 Seconds to Mars on Tuesday. I'm super excited!!!! Jared Leto.... So beautiful!!!!

Yeah I have nothing else to say... Ha!!! So yeah I guess I'll write a better post later. Peace out Scouts!!!