Friday, April 30, 2010

Animal Intensity.

Ha what does that even mean?!

Yeah so I love love love love love love love love listening to music that makes you so good inside. I must say, I just had a wonderful dance party by myself. It was great!!! I had loads of fun! So come on! Get on a great song and have a dance party too! It's the only way to get by. They really are fun. Scream the words and jump around! Shake your head, shake your butt, jam out! Have you ever been to a concert and just watched the band jamming out completely. They look so happy! Be that band!!! Be that HAPPY!

Hahaha so if you haven't noticed I am in an incredible mood! I am feeling rather lovely! I don't even know why. Nothing really amazing has happened today. I went to school and then went home. I have been sitting on the computer since. And yet...? I am jumping for joy! I can't get over this great feeling! If you have been reading my blog, you will see a blog from a long long time ago about me having this strange feeling that something amazing was going to happen to me. Well I have that feeling again! I don't know why!! Ahhh

Yeah so I just got on MLIA and spent a while reading. I started this blog at 3:49 and it is not 6:18. I have a problem! Ha Okay I'm gonna go. It's party time!!! So have a good day! Here Is Landon Pigg. I love his CD so much! It makes me happy....

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