Saturday, May 1, 2010

Misguided Ghosts

Yay! Guess who is started a band?! I am! I have finally just decided to do it! And do you know what my reasons are for finally taking initiative? They are actually quite silly... So I have this best friend, R.C. I have known her since fourth grade. So anyway, I have noticed that she has her own band (which we had always planned on doing but I ended up moving...) And It made me think... She can have a band? The girl who was so super shy, I was always the brave one? But I'm too scared just to ask one if they wanted to start a band? Well no. That's not gonna happen! So I am starting a band. We have no name, there is only me and one other person in the band... If you know a drummer or some one who plays and instrument that would be much appreciated. I can only sing so I'm kind of helpless. Ha I'm going to get on that whole learning how to play something thing. Yeah...

It's funny how you can really hate a band and then, all of the sudden, hear one song and really really really like them... Yes... I like Paramore now. Ha I'm such a loser. Call them a guilty pleasure or whatever, but I hated them before and I am now buying their new (not old, I hate the old one) album on itunes... Yes... I am the coolest. Which it just so happens that my bands first song is from their new album (Yeah we are covering it...) I'm not telling you what it is yet BECAUSE we are gonna make a video and I will then post it. Ha get excited! But of course this means I have to learn the song first so it may be a little while... Just a little. Ha in the mean time, here is a song of theirs that I really like! It's NOT the one we're doing.

I really want her hair color... Would it look stupid if I did that? I mean it's the same hair cut so hey, why not the color. It's not that I want to be her or anything... I just think her hair is AWESOME!
Photo shoots are fun. Let's have one! A nice lovely photo shoot where you take pictures. A weird concept, I know, but I think we can get the hang of it!

Hahahahaha this is GloZell. Ha she is hilarious! Check her out on youtube!

Mmmkay I have to go you guys! So over in out! Have a good day! PEACE!

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