Monday, May 10, 2010

The Jesus Rug

HEY! So prom was on Saturday. Pretty fun. I got to ride in a limo for the first time. Classy, I know. Ha it was great except for the fact that the limo driver wasn't the best driver and almost killed three pedestrians. No biggie.

Speaking of bad drivers, my dad saw a woman get hit by a car today. It was on route nine. I bet that was terrifying! Here's how the conversation went down.
Papa: I saw a woman get hit by a car today
Sister: What?! Where?!
Papa: Route nine.
Sister: Oh my goodness is she okay?!
Papa: Well she was screaming so that's a good sign.
I know that sounds crazy but my dad is a doctor and he has a point. If she were not screaming, say she was passed out, then there would be a major problem. And if there were no problem, he would have seen her get up and be okay. Screaming is a sign that you are hurt but not to the point that you are not conscious. Just saying...

So ANYWAY, prom. Here is my favorite picture of me that they put up. Enjoy.

I know I look silly, but there is something TEN times better in a picture when people are laughing and smiling then when they are posing and serious. I'm being silly and me which is the prettiest I can get. Ha if you think I look stupid... Well that's your opinion. Ha!

ANYWAY, here is a song for you. I like it a lot.

Ahhhh Charlie... You are wonderful. Ha I have quite a problem. Yeah me and E.A. started that trend. No one would know him at my school if it weren't for us. GO EPA! (shout out? I think so)

Mmmkay I'm gonna go..... Bye!

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  1. Very nice dress. A lot of people can't pull of red, but I think you look fantastic in it. I personally despise prom, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.