Monday, May 3, 2010

Let Me Eat Your Banana!

AHhhhh This band business is exciting but now I'm all worried. Every band, when it's starting off, sucks. Everyone knows that and everyone comes to terms with that. But what if we never get over that sucky period? What if we stay terrible for forever?! That would be terrible! I might just... Sit in a corner and cry. Oh how sad. Now I'm all worried. Gah! I'm gonna freak out soon. Be glad that your not here to see that. Because I will be freaking out silently and no one likes that! To keep it inside and never let it out until you DIE! Ahhh I don't want to DIE! Bad bad bad! Oh well. I'll get over it. If we suck, we suck, you know? Yeah.

OK so yeah... That's all I really have to say. No prettiness. It's time for Chocolate. Peace!!!

Dang this is short... HA!

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