Friday, February 26, 2010

The Definition of Me.

AHHHHHH!!!! Festival is tomorrow!! :O

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moon Struck

I'm back from being AWOL again. I keep doing that! Dang it! But anyway, how's it going everyone? Good? I hope so! Here's the update on my life...

My best friend is officially not my best friend anymore. And the kid hasn't even really said it to me. Just to people I know. He "avoids" me. Oh well, whatever. I have a lot of other friends!

I got back from Seattle okay. It's quite lovely! I really really really want to go to the University of Washington. It's quite lovely. And I really fit in there! I mean Seattle is like the birthplace of alternative. Meaning it's full of Hipters/Scenesters/Emurs/HOTNESS! Man I love it there! Oh I really want to go there. Maybe I'll be a music teacher or a drama teacher... How fun!

I tried out for the solo in chorus today. Apparently I'm being "considered." How very exciting. Along with me, C.F. is being considered. I don't mind if she gets it, she has a pretty voice. But I do mind if C.E. gets it. I will be super P.O. I really don't like her. And she adds all of this pop-like flair to it that just doesn't sound good. Gosh darn it! Meh!!!!!

I'm back at school and do you know what that means?! HELL WEEK! Ahhh practices until 9:30 every night! Ahhh it's terrible! But I like it. If only I could get all of my homework done... And man, costuming is way harder then I thought it would be! It's always changing and you don't always have costumes for people when they are need. AHHH! We have so little time! We have two days and we still need some costumes! Ahh! Scary! Oh well.... It will be great. The costumes we do have are great! Oh by the way, those that go to X high school, come see the show! It's great! I swear it has gotten so emotional, I might cry during it! (I won't actually cause I don't cry, but you know.)

Okay I have nothing else to say at the moment so sleep tight everyone! Have a good night!! I love you all!!!

An artsy picture of me, taken by my sister. I look so indie!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yo Yo Yo It's Lunchtime!

So I have not written in a while, dear readers (that aren't actually there). So I will update you I guess! By the way, I have been stalling on the whole writing thing... I just don't wanna! Hahaha!

So anyway, it's February break here in Massachusetts! Meaning while everyone everywhere else is having school, people in my town are vacationing in Hawaii, or in my case Seattle. So here I am, away from my friends in a city that is... Very wet and very gray. But I love it! Washington, as my sister told me, is the birthplace of alternative. I have never seen so many hipsters/scene kids in my life! (That's a total lie, there were more in Texas) But I have decided that I really love it here! Even with all of the hobo's that take drugs, man they make it even better! I really enjoy it here... Maybe I'll go to U Dub....

So yeah I found out that my best friend doesn't want to be friends with m,e because he "doesn't like me as a friend or a person and she is too socially awkward..." Gosh what a mean person...This is my best friend? Well I should have seen it coming. He is just one of those guys that drops people after a certain amount of time. My time has come. And I will bow out of it gracefully. I really want to yell at him or something. You see, I'm not mad at him for not liking me, I'm mad at him for trash talking me to my sister. What a meanie. Oh well. I think I will live. Ha!

I got asked to prom! How exciting! No one knows though. Shhh. (How very like me to tell a secret I don't want many people to know on the INTERNET. Ha I'm a cool kid)

Valentines day was... Uneventful. YAy!

I think my friend thinks we are going on a date... I don't really know though. Yikes!

Please please please please please let my wish come true!!

So yeah, I can't think of anything else, so goodbye for now! I'll write again later! I promise...! Peace!

My Children My Bride- On the Wings of Integrity

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Roses Are Red, Violets are Blue, F**k You W***e.

Ha, I love 500 Days of Summer. It's hilarious! You should all watch it! I found out that on Saturday by mom and sister went to blockbuster while my other sister and I were at that sleepover, and got a million movies! It was redonkulous! That doesn't mean anything, I know but it does now, because I made it up! But yeah, movies, they are great

So yeah about that sleepover thing, It was great! I loved Blue Man Group! They were amazing, yet again! I loved them... And yeah the sleepover was really fun... But awkward... For example: I went to sleep, now this was a co-ed sleepover and they said boys and girls could sleep in the same room but there had to be a chaperon. But anyway so I fell asleep around four A.M. which was mucho fun, but anyway, I fall asleep and the next morning i turn over, AND THERE IS A BOY RIGHT NEXT TO ME! I was o surprised I screamed. Woke him up. But yeah, he was RIGHT there... Really really close... It was awkward!!! I was rather surprised.

AHHHH I know what B.H.'s secret is but he won't tell me and I can't tell him I know his secret because he has only told two people! Gah!!! It's horrid... BLegh!

Okay so.... I can't sleep. I'm an insomniac, I swear! The only times I really sleep is when I take sleeping pills, and it;s not a very good sleep... It Sucks actually... But oh well.. I think I'll live. Ooh last night I felt so stupid... I went to bed rather early for the past week but woke up two hours later. I was really thirsty. So I started drinking from the huge glass of water next to my bed. Sadly... I dropped the cup on half of my bed and it went rolling on the floor... I felt so stupid! I got water EVERYWHERE! all over my clothes and bed and floor.... But I was so tired so I just grabbed a towel, layed on my bed, changed my P.J.'s and went to sleep around the water. It was awkward and uncomfortable... I didn't like it... And now I am just as exhausted as I have been all week. BLEGH!

Okay I should go now.... Do you know what I'm craving? Raisin Bran and a tuna sandwich... It's weird. Not together, just in general. So I think I will eat that now... Interesting? I think so... So peace out!!!

The Bay State- Glamor Kills

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sweet Caroline. Bum Bum Bummm

So first off, I was supposed to mention my friends in my blog, so Erica, Nike, Cailin, Katelyn, Tara, and... I can't remember who else so leave me a comment and I will mention you guys... Yeah you guys are awesome!!! Just lovely! Woot woot! I mentioned you.... Later maybe I'll actually have something to say about you guys... Bahahah!

So yeah, I went to the middle school play... It was... Good. I mean for middle school, yeah it was good, but there were only a couple of good singers. And it was long. It was funny though. I had fun. Especially since I was sitting in between J.C. and L.B. who like to bicker all the time. It was hilarious....! I love it when people jokingly fight like that. It's exciting.

I'm going to Blue Man Group today! Of course I have to miss competition that the T.C. are singing in... I hope they do okay.... I have decided I might have the making of a crush on someone who is in it... I'm not really sure... Ha Oh well! I Hope they do amazing! Which of course they will so it doesn't matter. Because they always do amazing. So go T.C.s and guy I think is hot in T.C. YAY!

I started reading My Life is Average and I'm embarrassed to say that I enjoy reading it. My favorite one.

"Today, I was in a restaurant wearing my Harry Potter shirt and there were some popular girls from my school there.They laughed at my outfit, but I ignored them. The lights went out so I stood up and yelled, "LUMOS" and the lights came back on. Guess who got four numbers and the jealousy of popular girls?"

It is so hilarious! I love Harry Potter so much... Oh my so I am so ready for the youth group sleep over tonight... Yusss!!! It will be fun I hope! Well I should go.... Bye!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fizzzz ED

Okay, so I am over my funk. Kind of. Though today I was really hyper. I might be able to post a video that someone took of me when I wasn't looking. It was embarrassing. They spent the rest of class watching it.... And laughing. Hmmm it was pretty bad. Oh well.

So yes, blogging is mighty fun I guess. I don't even know. Gah! I have nothing to say... This is really boring. I'm sorry I haven't really thought out this post. I should have thought it out more...

AHHHHH I FORGOT TO DO A FIFTIETH POST! Well I did, but I was gonna announce it. Okay well I have gotten to fifty one posts! That's so great! I'm happy! Hopefully I'll keep going with it. I hope at least. So yeah... That's all I have to say... Wow one of these days I'll have something to say... Oh one more thing. Today I'm going to the middle school musical. It's The Wiz. SO I hope it's wonderful!!!

This is the Wiz. I don't know how the middle school is going to put it on... Hmmm

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Your Talking Privileges Are Revoked

So.... I am so stressed out! Way too much to do. I really don't enjoy school right now. I don't know what it is about this week that is so... Blegh! But there is something... And it's rather annoying... So I had this math project of which my partners did not do right, so I had to redo it. And then there is my English essay I have been working on. AND I have to write my play. Ugh if there was every a time to say "FML" it's now. Of course I won't. I must say that school isn't the only thing stressing me. There are other things too. Parents, social life, everything. I haven't been sleeping either. I have been staying up doing nothing... Blegh!!!!! Oh my nothing to say... Bye now!!!

Hellogoodbye- Oh It's Love

Monday, February 1, 2010

Late Night Calls

Last night, for the first time in a while, I called a friend when I couldn't sleep. He was fine with it, though I feel bad because I woke him up then kept him up really late, but it was fun... It reminded me of old times. I used to call J.D. all the time... Or K.F. or G.D. or... Other people. But this time is was B.H. I don't know what to do about him... Why why why?! That doesn't make sense, I know, but it does to me... Kind of. Man am I tired! Everything I have been saying to my friends just doesn't make sense. Today in Physics, M.S. and I were just cracking up the whole time. You know when you are so tired, everything just seems funny? Yeah that's what was happening. Other people in the class thought we were high or something.

SO I talked to A.A. for the first time... I just wanted to see how P.A. was doing... Apparently no so well... That's nerve wracking. I'm scared out of my mind with worry...

SO I found out that our second meeting for that play writing thing is next week and I have nothing! Ugh!! This sucks man! I mean I have two ideas, I just have to start them... You know? It's like writing a book... You have to start and finish... That's the hardest part... Then when it's over, everything else comes naturally. So I just have to get it over with I guess. Maybe in my next free. I like frees.... It's when I do all of my homework. Ha!

AHHH!!!! I might get asked to prom!!! I hope he does ask!!! AHHHH!!!! I'm so excited.... My friend M.R. has made it her mission to get me to prom... And I really hope I do get to go... AHHH! Cross your fingers for me! And bug T.N. about it will you? Ha!

SO..... I'm going to start a band by the way! I'm excited... It should be fun... I just need to find people for the band I guess. I'm excited. It should be really really fun! I might start it with this girl I just met... Who knows.

It's time to go man! So bye bye!!

Basshunter- All I Ever Wanted... The guy at my school that sings this sings it SO WELL!!! I love it! I don't really like the video...