Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yo Yo Yo It's Lunchtime!

So I have not written in a while, dear readers (that aren't actually there). So I will update you I guess! By the way, I have been stalling on the whole writing thing... I just don't wanna! Hahaha!

So anyway, it's February break here in Massachusetts! Meaning while everyone everywhere else is having school, people in my town are vacationing in Hawaii, or in my case Seattle. So here I am, away from my friends in a city that is... Very wet and very gray. But I love it! Washington, as my sister told me, is the birthplace of alternative. I have never seen so many hipsters/scene kids in my life! (That's a total lie, there were more in Texas) But I have decided that I really love it here! Even with all of the hobo's that take drugs, man they make it even better! I really enjoy it here... Maybe I'll go to U Dub....

So yeah I found out that my best friend doesn't want to be friends with m,e because he "doesn't like me as a friend or a person and she is too socially awkward..." Gosh what a mean person...This is my best friend? Well I should have seen it coming. He is just one of those guys that drops people after a certain amount of time. My time has come. And I will bow out of it gracefully. I really want to yell at him or something. You see, I'm not mad at him for not liking me, I'm mad at him for trash talking me to my sister. What a meanie. Oh well. I think I will live. Ha!

I got asked to prom! How exciting! No one knows though. Shhh. (How very like me to tell a secret I don't want many people to know on the INTERNET. Ha I'm a cool kid)

Valentines day was... Uneventful. YAy!

I think my friend thinks we are going on a date... I don't really know though. Yikes!

Please please please please please let my wish come true!!

So yeah, I can't think of anything else, so goodbye for now! I'll write again later! I promise...! Peace!

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  1. hey i don't comment very often but i do read, but if you don't post anything, people cant read it, lol