Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fizzzz ED

Okay, so I am over my funk. Kind of. Though today I was really hyper. I might be able to post a video that someone took of me when I wasn't looking. It was embarrassing. They spent the rest of class watching it.... And laughing. Hmmm it was pretty bad. Oh well.

So yes, blogging is mighty fun I guess. I don't even know. Gah! I have nothing to say... This is really boring. I'm sorry I haven't really thought out this post. I should have thought it out more...

AHHHHH I FORGOT TO DO A FIFTIETH POST! Well I did, but I was gonna announce it. Okay well I have gotten to fifty one posts! That's so great! I'm happy! Hopefully I'll keep going with it. I hope at least. So yeah... That's all I have to say... Wow one of these days I'll have something to say... Oh one more thing. Today I'm going to the middle school musical. It's The Wiz. SO I hope it's wonderful!!!

This is the Wiz. I don't know how the middle school is going to put it on... Hmmm


  1. actually it says you have done 40 posts, 20 in 2009 and 20 in 2010, thats a lot of posts lol

  2. Ugh this is so annoying.... My thing says I have fifty one. blegh...

  3. well you have published 41 posts, maybe there are 10 that you have not published by accident