Monday, February 1, 2010

Late Night Calls

Last night, for the first time in a while, I called a friend when I couldn't sleep. He was fine with it, though I feel bad because I woke him up then kept him up really late, but it was fun... It reminded me of old times. I used to call J.D. all the time... Or K.F. or G.D. or... Other people. But this time is was B.H. I don't know what to do about him... Why why why?! That doesn't make sense, I know, but it does to me... Kind of. Man am I tired! Everything I have been saying to my friends just doesn't make sense. Today in Physics, M.S. and I were just cracking up the whole time. You know when you are so tired, everything just seems funny? Yeah that's what was happening. Other people in the class thought we were high or something.

SO I talked to A.A. for the first time... I just wanted to see how P.A. was doing... Apparently no so well... That's nerve wracking. I'm scared out of my mind with worry...

SO I found out that our second meeting for that play writing thing is next week and I have nothing! Ugh!! This sucks man! I mean I have two ideas, I just have to start them... You know? It's like writing a book... You have to start and finish... That's the hardest part... Then when it's over, everything else comes naturally. So I just have to get it over with I guess. Maybe in my next free. I like frees.... It's when I do all of my homework. Ha!

AHHH!!!! I might get asked to prom!!! I hope he does ask!!! AHHHH!!!! I'm so excited.... My friend M.R. has made it her mission to get me to prom... And I really hope I do get to go... AHHH! Cross your fingers for me! And bug T.N. about it will you? Ha!

SO..... I'm going to start a band by the way! I'm excited... It should be fun... I just need to find people for the band I guess. I'm excited. It should be really really fun! I might start it with this girl I just met... Who knows.

It's time to go man! So bye bye!!

Basshunter- All I Ever Wanted... The guy at my school that sings this sings it SO WELL!!! I love it! I don't really like the video...

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