Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sweet Caroline. Bum Bum Bummm

So first off, I was supposed to mention my friends in my blog, so Erica, Nike, Cailin, Katelyn, Tara, and... I can't remember who else so leave me a comment and I will mention you guys... Yeah you guys are awesome!!! Just lovely! Woot woot! I mentioned you.... Later maybe I'll actually have something to say about you guys... Bahahah!

So yeah, I went to the middle school play... It was... Good. I mean for middle school, yeah it was good, but there were only a couple of good singers. And it was long. It was funny though. I had fun. Especially since I was sitting in between J.C. and L.B. who like to bicker all the time. It was hilarious....! I love it when people jokingly fight like that. It's exciting.

I'm going to Blue Man Group today! Of course I have to miss competition that the T.C. are singing in... I hope they do okay.... I have decided I might have the making of a crush on someone who is in it... I'm not really sure... Ha Oh well! I Hope they do amazing! Which of course they will so it doesn't matter. Because they always do amazing. So go T.C.s and guy I think is hot in T.C. YAY!

I started reading My Life is Average and I'm embarrassed to say that I enjoy reading it. My favorite one.

"Today, I was in a restaurant wearing my Harry Potter shirt and there were some popular girls from my school there.They laughed at my outfit, but I ignored them. The lights went out so I stood up and yelled, "LUMOS" and the lights came back on. Guess who got four numbers and the jealousy of popular girls?"

It is so hilarious! I love Harry Potter so much... Oh my so I am so ready for the youth group sleep over tonight... Yusss!!! It will be fun I hope! Well I should go.... Bye!

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