Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moon Struck

I'm back from being AWOL again. I keep doing that! Dang it! But anyway, how's it going everyone? Good? I hope so! Here's the update on my life...

My best friend is officially not my best friend anymore. And the kid hasn't even really said it to me. Just to people I know. He "avoids" me. Oh well, whatever. I have a lot of other friends!

I got back from Seattle okay. It's quite lovely! I really really really want to go to the University of Washington. It's quite lovely. And I really fit in there! I mean Seattle is like the birthplace of alternative. Meaning it's full of Hipters/Scenesters/Emurs/HOTNESS! Man I love it there! Oh I really want to go there. Maybe I'll be a music teacher or a drama teacher... How fun!

I tried out for the solo in chorus today. Apparently I'm being "considered." How very exciting. Along with me, C.F. is being considered. I don't mind if she gets it, she has a pretty voice. But I do mind if C.E. gets it. I will be super P.O. I really don't like her. And she adds all of this pop-like flair to it that just doesn't sound good. Gosh darn it! Meh!!!!!

I'm back at school and do you know what that means?! HELL WEEK! Ahhh practices until 9:30 every night! Ahhh it's terrible! But I like it. If only I could get all of my homework done... And man, costuming is way harder then I thought it would be! It's always changing and you don't always have costumes for people when they are need. AHHH! We have so little time! We have two days and we still need some costumes! Ahh! Scary! Oh well.... It will be great. The costumes we do have are great! Oh by the way, those that go to X high school, come see the show! It's great! I swear it has gotten so emotional, I might cry during it! (I won't actually cause I don't cry, but you know.)

Okay I have nothing else to say at the moment so sleep tight everyone! Have a good night!! I love you all!!!

An artsy picture of me, taken by my sister. I look so indie!

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