Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Roses Are Red, Violets are Blue, F**k You W***e.

Ha, I love 500 Days of Summer. It's hilarious! You should all watch it! I found out that on Saturday by mom and sister went to blockbuster while my other sister and I were at that sleepover, and got a million movies! It was redonkulous! That doesn't mean anything, I know but it does now, because I made it up! But yeah, movies, they are great

So yeah about that sleepover thing, It was great! I loved Blue Man Group! They were amazing, yet again! I loved them... And yeah the sleepover was really fun... But awkward... For example: I went to sleep, now this was a co-ed sleepover and they said boys and girls could sleep in the same room but there had to be a chaperon. But anyway so I fell asleep around four A.M. which was mucho fun, but anyway, I fall asleep and the next morning i turn over, AND THERE IS A BOY RIGHT NEXT TO ME! I was o surprised I screamed. Woke him up. But yeah, he was RIGHT there... Really really close... It was awkward!!! I was rather surprised.

AHHHH I know what B.H.'s secret is but he won't tell me and I can't tell him I know his secret because he has only told two people! Gah!!! It's horrid... BLegh!

Okay so.... I can't sleep. I'm an insomniac, I swear! The only times I really sleep is when I take sleeping pills, and it;s not a very good sleep... It Sucks actually... But oh well.. I think I'll live. Ooh last night I felt so stupid... I went to bed rather early for the past week but woke up two hours later. I was really thirsty. So I started drinking from the huge glass of water next to my bed. Sadly... I dropped the cup on half of my bed and it went rolling on the floor... I felt so stupid! I got water EVERYWHERE! all over my clothes and bed and floor.... But I was so tired so I just grabbed a towel, layed on my bed, changed my P.J.'s and went to sleep around the water. It was awkward and uncomfortable... I didn't like it... And now I am just as exhausted as I have been all week. BLEGH!

Okay I should go now.... Do you know what I'm craving? Raisin Bran and a tuna sandwich... It's weird. Not together, just in general. So I think I will eat that now... Interesting? I think so... So peace out!!!

The Bay State- Glamor Kills

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