Sunday, January 31, 2010


AHHHHHH Choir concert is on Wednesday! I'm so happy for the Mozart to be over with!! Then we get to sing fun stuff like, Everything by Michael Buble, and a medley of Mamma Mia songs (Aka ABBA) and all of that good stuff. Of course once we start to sing it, it will be ruined... But oh well, they should be fun to sing I guess....

I like a boy who has a disease... I do and that won't change... For now... I hope he is okay.

Okay well I have nothing else to talk about. Goodbye!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

So Last nigh at the concert, the funniest thing happened! Well to me it was funny. So the boys A Capella group from my school sang All The Above. It's a good song, I'll post a video of it, but any was this is N.N sings the solo. Well when he was up there rapping his little heart out, the girls from a different school who sat behind me were gabbing about him THE WHOLE TIME!! They were saying things like, "Oh he is SO good!" And "Wow he is so cute, and he can sing! I think I have fallen!" And my ultimate favorite "Man anyone who actually knows him is SOOOO lucky!" Ha when they said that, I laughed for a while... Everyone thought I was going crazy... Well girls, I know him. Ha I guess I am SOOOO lucky! Ha I don't know why I thought that was so funny, but I did... So yeah... That's my story.

Maino Ft. T-Pain. All the Above.

So anyway, last night was fun. It always seems like the college group has all of the cutest guys in it. Buuuut I am a lowly sophomore in high school. Ha which is weird. So yes, Voice Male was there last night, and some people were rather beautiful. And after the show, my friend I.D. (hahah I never noticed that's what her initials were) went to converse with them. They were really nice. I guess I have a southern Twang or something cause one of them asked me If I was from the south and I told him I was from Texas. He told me he loved my "accent." Of course while he said that I was thinking... I have an accent? Since when? Oh well they were cool guys. Friendly. Ha I.D. was having a field day! She was the one who wanted to talk to them the most. She is older so I guess it's not as weird? But yeah, it was funny! Man I was so tired that night, I said some really stupid things... It was fun!

Joben, I guess isn't doing to well. SO I guess I will have to be there for him as a friend I'm not changing my mind. It would be worse If I said yes because I felt bad for him not because I actually liked him. So yeah.... Not giving in... I'm glad I have friends...

Okay well I have nothing else to report. I might hang with J.L. or B.H. Either one would be fun. I am just so bored!! It's terrible! Hmmm SO peace out everyone! I should be watching the movie I put on to watch with my sister instead of sitting on the computer... HA!

WE happen to be watching Mamma Mia. It's fun. Here is I Have a Dream.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Come To Kenya- We've Got Lions.

SO yeah I was in a bad mood yesterday, but my friends made me feel a whole lot better! They sent me a link to here... If you want a good laugh please go here!!! It;'s so cute and hilarious! Ha and just so you don't do the same thing as me, yes it repeats itself.... it never ends. I sat watching it for about twenty minutes before I figured that out... I'm listening to it now and it's starting to get annoying actually.. Okay that is off....

Now I'm listening to 30 Seconds to Mars. I like them a lot! Here is there song Closer to the Edge... It reminds me of some friends...

It's good right? Well maybe if you like that kind of music... It's good... I like it.

So I have another solo today. I'm excited I guess. I have sung the song so many times though. Which is fine but... Meh.... Man I really don't have anything to say... This is pretty blegh you know? Oh well. I have to go, so here is a video I'm watching right now. I'll post later...

This The Sound of Settling by Death Cab for Cutie

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Welcome to Loserville.

NOT a good day today. I don't even know why... I thought it was... Until just a little while ago. It's amazing how one little phone call can ruin your day... It really can you know? Why do people have to keep asking questions? Why do they have to proceed to question what I have already answered? I don't know. But they do. And Now I just feel terrible. So, so terrible. TO the point that I don't really know anything anymore. Hmmmph. This is terrible. So I listened to this to make me feel better...

This the Hall & Oates song You Make My Dreams Come True, but it's also in a scene from 500 Days of summer, Which is what this video is of. If you haven't seen it you really should. It's a great movie.

So weird thing happened today. A and have decided that it is their life goal to get L to ask me to prom. So that's what they are trying to do. A weird thing eh? Apparently L asked N to the prom but she has a boyfriend, so she has to say no. They would only be going as friends though (L and N I mean). Now I am aware that all of this i meaningless and stupid to you, and probably doesn't make any sense, but whatever. I just wanted to get that out there. So hey, maybe soon I will have a date to the prom. I already have a dress anyway. This is what it looks like...

Sorry that it is a really bad picture... I my phone takes horrible pictures.. But this will have to do I, guess! I love it... We bought it at this little store that I'm sorry but I can't remember the name of. It went out of business two weeks after we got it , so lucky us. When we got it, it was mighty big on me. Luckily they tailored it for us! It was on sale, only 100 dollars and with the tailoring it came out to about 150. Which isn't that bad. Its obviously red... It is satin, off the shoulder sleeves, gold and green beading on it... I love it! I wore it to the Military Ball for my old schools JROTC. It was totally lovely! I had a lot of fun. So I really want to wear it at least one more time before I grow out of it... I hope I haven't already... And yes, that is my messy room in the background... Everyone always comments of the Audrey Hepburn poster behind me. So comment away if you wish!

Alright... So unwanted attention, no one wants it... But how do you get rid of it? Please tell me? How do you get rid of that attention that really isn't needed. Blegh to attention... Blegh!

Alright I should go... I have to get a lot of homework done and I haven't done much of it. Peace out!

Burberry handbag add. The models are always so beautiful. Like Emma Watson... She is gorgeous. And the guys are always so HOT!!! I love it. Okay Bye!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's the night of our lives.... Who's that girl? She looks so fine.... Who's that guy? I don't recognize. Yeah I know I'm all cool quoting this movie.. I won't say what it is though. So anyway... Today was very interesting. I do have to say, today was the first time I ever found out that someone "loved" me. Like a guy loved me... I don't know If I like the feeling... Especially if it is unrequited.... I guess I kind of am doing the same thing to him that the guy I like is doing to me... He wrote a song for me... Isn't that crazy? It was totally amazing... Well written, pretty... I feel so bad now. It's probably the most romantic thing anyone has done for me and I shot the poor kid down... I know I should I have, I don't like him like that.. He is like my best friend... Well I like him enough but more as a friend... But that's not the point. I feel so bad... Should I have said yes? Should I have told him I liked him too? No that wouldn't be fair to him. Anyway, people say "Do what your heart tells you!" No matter how corny it is, it's true. I would just feel even more terrible if I said yes to him. Including he wanted to know if I loved him! Not like but LOVE. That's a big word to throw out at me! You know my opinion on love! Oh well I guess... It was a great song though... Light and happy then slow and melancholy. I liked it a lot.

So, I would like to point out something. People automatically assume that if I say I think I guy is cute, That I like him! That is a lie. I think he is cute... CUTE! I don't automatically like that. Actually now That I think about it... I only like two guys. One everyone knows, R. The other... Well only my sister knows. P... Lovely P. I like him a lot more then I thought I did. And I am worried about him. More then I let on. I hope he is okay. So yeah, that's my spiel on the guys I like. Two guys: R and P. Mmmkay? No one else... At the moment. Ha!

Today is a big choir rehearsal at a college. It's so stupid! I don't need to practice the same song for three hours! Gosh! But I guess I will live. For some reason I feel like singing so I guess this will be good. I need to sing my little heart out... I don't know, when I'm in the mood that I am in, I usually need to sing... We will see how it goes.

So two more things before I have to go. 1) S is coming soon! I am so excited!!! I can't wait to see her! She is the coolest ever! So Good luck on your journey here! And 2) I am writing two plays. At the moment they are only ten minute one act plays but he, maybe they will be so good, I'll expand on them... WE will see. Okay well bye lovelies!!! PEace out.

I like this song. Love Song by Tesla.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Magical Mystery Tour

SO I must say, I have been insanely happy lately... Well today at least. I have new friends, which is never bad AND I am content. So I decided to give you some A Capella videos because they make me so very happy. I know I'm a nerd but... Who cares? So here is the first one...

This group is called the Sonos. Here they are singing my favorite song by The Fleet Foxes, White Winter hymnal. The soloist almost looks like she is about to cry... I find it spectacular. I heard them on NPR on Sunday. I wish I was able to hear the whole interview/thing because church was about to start so I had to leave... But they really are amazing! Actually here is one more video by them... It's really good so I can't resist...

This is I Want You Back by the Sonos. Aren't they good? Gosh I wish Team AC sounded like this! It's fabulous! Though these are all grown people who have music majors and shizz like that. So yeah it makes sense why they are so very good...

I love when choirs like this put their own spin to songs... like in the White Winter Hymnal they made it sound like a gospel song, which makes it just as beautiful. When you sing a song A Capella you are putting your own style to it, your own personality in a way. Hmmm Maybe I'm just a music freak... Ha I loose myself in it...

Anyway here here another A Capella group. They are called Canvas. Here they are singing The Simpson Theme Song.

Okay now for more important things... Yeah I have nothing... Though I must say that last night I could not sleep... It was terrible. SO I ended up staying up until three. Shhhh! It's my secret. That means you too N.H.! Don't say a word.. Ha ha ha!

So yeah I have nothing else to say... Maybe I'll go talk to My Big Squiznat... I don't know though. I'm at that place where I feel that I can't text first because it would seem like I'm texting him all the time. So I usually end up not texting and hoping that the kid will text me first. I am so weird! Okay well I'm gonna go now... So talk to you later you guys!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

White Winter Hymnal

Ummmm okay I just wanted to tell you that Fleet Foxes are AMAZING!!! I love them so much! If you have never heard of them... Well I am leaving a video so, have fun! I just recently learned how to post videos so yeah... I know it's sad but true. But yeah I'm gonna put up my favorite song so be prepared for fantasticism. That's not a word but it is now because Fleet Foxes is the definition of fantasticism. If it could be anything, it's Fleet foxes. Who would have known that a group of scruffy, bearded, indie, men could bring such joy? Well Iron and Wine could so I guess it makes sense... Well here it is. Listen and enjoy!

But anyway, Have you ever been typing and accidentally thought to type one word but totally typed a different one? Like before I wanted to type such, but I typed what. Which is did not make any sense. So of course I had to go back and retype it. And if you know how lazy I am, then you would know that this is not something I want to do. Its different if you just have a typo. You right click and look! There is the actual spelling! SO... Yeah I don't even know why I am bringing this up. I'm just a weird kid I guess.... Cause yeah... Well next subject? Yeah I think so too.

So recently I was looking up videos of Fleet Foxes (yes I am a devoted fan and loser), and I found this really really good indie band. They are called First Aid Kit. The band is made up of two sisters, Klara and Johanna Söderberg, from Switzerland. They are really really good actually! Fun stuff man! So here is another video... Of them.. Singing their little hearts out... First Aid Kit.

Aren't they good?! So so so so so so good! Well if you like this type of music...Bahahah! I like them a lot. I have been listening to them for a while... My sister is probably very upset with the loud music... Oh well!

SO yeah for all of you wondering... The party was lovely! I did eventually figure out where G's house was... Just took some prying. And it was lovely! Of course R was there... It was quite blegh you know? Everyone thinks that I don't like him anymore... So keep my secret okay? Yes I like R but who cares... WE are friends which is great! But yeah there was a lot of dancing and talking and singing and jamming and all of that jazz. My sister made G and B these frogs made out of a twenty dollar bill that hop. They loved them! Hahaha I swear for 18 year olds they are just like little kids, which is good...

Okay well I don't really have anything else to talk about so.... Bye bye my loves! Live well! Have a great Sunday!

P.S.- I'm so excited! For this big A Capella showcase they chose my songs for one of the two songs! Yay! It's very exciting for me, I must say...!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

This is My Obsession

All I want is everything you're not. Hmmm This song is now stuck in my head. I was reading a blog of a friend, and this song was on it... I'm a bit embarrassed though. It is a Demi Lavato song... But it's good. It makes me think I guess. I actually secretly like all of those Disney singers... I mean I used to love Miley Cirus, not anymore though. I secretly like the Jonas Brothers, and wish that Nick would sweep me away. Demi Lavato and Selena Gomez? Love 'em! But that's not the point. Actually I don't even really know what the point is in general.

I don't understand why people fall in love with celebrities. It's a rather silly concept. I mean basically girls see a movie, see that one actor... Next thing you know they see every single movie they are in and have posters of them and are a screaming fan, hopelessly in love with them. I think actors do it on purpose, they act all cute and adorable in interviews and they are always so... UGH. People are so weird. Ha!

So I have been on all morning. Now if you have never been it's this music generating site. You create a "station" like right now I'm listening to a July Garden station. Then it generates a bunch of music that is similar to Judy's music, like Frank and Louis and Ella and Dean. It's rather lovely. Though I have come to find that all the songs are about love. I mean you would be expecting that, but I don't know... I don't usually listen to the words, just the beautiful voices and stuff. But now... I'm listening and it's wondrous. So please, go to and make a station. It's fun and you will probably find a bunch of bands you never heard of before.

I am in such a weird mood man! It sucks! Gah! I really don't like being in a weird mood like this, It's so bad. I hate it. I feel angry and sad and annoyed at myself ALL AT THE SAME TIME! It's weird. HA save me from this weird mood please!

Oh so yeah I'm invited to my friends G.N. and B.H.'s 18th birthday party. It's tonight actually. They sent out this email. It said
Hey guys!! You are all invited to mine and G's 18th birthday party! Basically you guys should show up to G's house at 7:00. A rave will ensue We will have food and stuff as well. You can stay till around 11 or so. It's gonna be a blast!! -B & G
See that would be perfectly fine, but if you will notice, there is no address. How am I supposed to get there if I don't even know where G lives? Ha! When I read it, I laughed for a while after I read it. Then my mom read it an she laughed for a while too. What a silly thing to leave out... Oh well! I'll figure it out eventually. I'll text them or something when I'm less lazy.

Okay well that's all I have to say. I guess I'll write again soon! Have fun today, hope it's great!

His Majesties, Prince William and Prince Harry are quite good looking, eh?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thinking Of Him....

I don't if you know this but my last two posts have been named after songs or lyrics from the musical my school is putting on. I guess I am just in the mood for Curtains. Well guys, I got in, but only in the ensemble. I am so excited for it! It's rather lovely I must say! Though I feel bad, but I am a bit disappointed with my part. I thought I had done really well at auditions but I guess I wasn't what they were looking for in a named part. Oh well I will be a great ensemble-er. So it will be great.

You know what's really annoying? When your mom is friends with you on facebook! Every time I have a status that says, "Wow I had a terrible day!'" or "I just found out something terrible!" She comes into my room and asks me all about it. It's rather annoying in my opinion. I mean I don't mind my friends asking, most of the time they already know, but my mom thinks I'm a depressed child, cutting herself all the time or something. Which I don't do. I have very strong feelings against cutting. But yeah, It's UBER annoying. Yes I used "uber." I am very upset with myself. GAH!

Hmmmm so there is this random kid on facebook who only talks to me to tell me about him and his girl friend. Actually here is a real conversation with him...
J.F.- Hey!
Me- Hiya...
J.F.- I got to second base with my girlfriend today.
Me- Like legit, or just kidding?
J.F.- No I'm serious
Full Bare hand to full bare tit.
Me- Oh ummmm cool?
J.F.- Yeah!
J.F. logs off.

Yeah so I don't understand why this kid start conversations with me just to tell me about his escapades with his girlfriend then to leave. What is the point of it? And It's not like his computer stops. He legitimately just stops talking to me. He only starts conversations to tell me about his girlfriend. It is so weird! I don't enjoy it that much. I don't know the girl but I bet she wouldn't appreciate him telling some random girl "Full hand on full bare tit." I know that if it were me, I would be mighty angry. Mighty, Mighty angry!

Yes so the best movie in the world is Bolt! Everyone should watch it! I am ordering you to! You will love it if you haven't seen it. And if you have seen it, well it's amazing right?

Okay this long weekend has been have good and half bad... The bad: I have come to find that my friends don't actually like me... It sucks! But I am used to it. I have a few great friends so that's what counts. I love all of my friends that are in Team AC and my theater friends and some other people. I really am happy. It doesn't matter that the group that I hang out with every weekend doesn't actually like me, I can live with weekends with my sisters and some other people! So there! Now the good: I had the most fun yesterday! With a group of my actual friends, I went to play laser tag and then we all saw Avatar! It was lovely!! I had loads of fun!!!

Okay to close this, I sadly have another crush. It will probably go away soon... But you know... IT kind of sucks. I won't say much about this one... No one knows about how I like him. And I'm going to keep it that way. Now I will say I have no chance, but there is an actual reason! I'm not being annoying, all "oh I'm so ugly, I have no chance!" I really don't have a chance because of... Reasons. That is all I'm going to say. SO I guess I will take my leave now! Bye darlings!

Alexa Chung Is rather beautiful... And amazing. I used to watch her show, It's On With Alexa Chung, but sadly it has been canceled. It's rather depressing. Well goodbye lovelies!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Miss The Music I Made With Her

Ha I am not actually in love... It's just fun to say. Ha! But a lot of people have been falling in love lately! It's pretty cool I guess... Fun to watch them fall for each other.

Okay so call backs and dance auditions were SO MUCH FUN! They were fabulous! Fist off we started dancing! I have never been a part of a more fun Ho-Down in my life! It's the funniest dance in the world. I swear I should make a video of it and post it. It's hilarious! Then call backs were fantastic! Now since this is online and no one call make me feel bad I'm going to toot my own horn for a while. I did so well on the song! It's not quite in my range but I did quite wonderful! Strong and lovely! And I swear I might get a lead! Because near the end they did partner scenes for leads and they chose me to do one! Oh how exciting! But even if I don't get a lead I'll just be happy to be in it! t of course I have to wait until freaking nine until the list goes up! Gah! Oh well....

Man I am too excited to type... So I'll write later! And tell you my part! Here are some PRETTY guys for you to look at. At the top and the bottom!

AHHHHH I know them!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside.

What a good movie... When you are in the mood.
Hmmm so about that dance...
It was pretty good except for one little screw up. So there was this really really cute guy there! And may I just say that I like more pretty guys... The ones with longer hair that are what some people call "feminine." Yeah I totally disagree with that entirely! But anyway, so there was that hot guy. Sadly he was pretty high... High as a kite really. Though I thought he liked me maybe cause he kept on looking at me. But I am not into that stuff so I didn't say hi to him or anything. Anyway, a couple days after my friend told me he had a facebook. She also said he was so high he wouldn't remember me. So me being the girl I am, I added him. Well he remembered me. Later that night I got a comment from him on facebook saying, "yeaaa howd you find me on fb" Yeah well it was quite embarrassing. But me being the awesome girl I am, I replied with "Ummm I guess my super cool X kid powers?" Ha! I'm the coolest. And a total creeper!

So anyway, how has everyone been? I haven't posted in a while... Sorry about that. I have just been very busy. I tried out for my schools musical! Cross your fingers for me! I'm excited to see if I get a call back. Because at my school, everyone gets in, but only people who might get leads. I'm fine with either, but it would be cool to get a lead!

Hmmm I have nothing else to report on. Everything else is TOO personal. So I'll keep it to myself. Yuss... Alright I have nothing else to add. I'll write again later! Bye.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Both of them are so beautiful.
Yeah so I have come to find that this whole not swearing thing is a lot harder then I thought! I mean I didn't swear that much but it got to be just force of habit so now whenever someone says a certain thing I have the sudden urge to swear... But I won't!

So tonight I'm going to a dance... Exciting right? Nope! It just so happens I am going as a favor for my friends that are going on a date but don't want to go alone. So I have to go to this dance that isn't at my school nor will I know anyone there AND I'm going to be third wheel. This sucks royally. I wouldn't mind so much if it was at my school, at least I'd know people that way! What's even worse is they are gonna try to set me up with guys also, which I don't mind but so awkward!! So I guess I'll just have to live through the night... I promised my friend not to die and not o get raped. Hahahah! Chastity belt here I come!

Oh and on another note I am singing the National Anthem for the boys varsity game. Earlier this week I sang at the girls one, not so bad, but at the boys one! I'm so nervous! I know I can do it but I am so terrified! Singing in front of crowds is so much fun but I get so nervous! So very nervous!

Alright that's what I'm doing tonight... So I'll tell you about it later!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh My Jonas.

So pretty!

I find it impressive that a Disney boy band can get so much attention that people are making phrases about them! "Oh my Jonas!" "What the Jonas?!" It's amazing how three young boys can get such a fan base. I swear one day I'll have a fan base like that! What can I say I want to be a SUPERSTAR! Ha but not really. Being famous seems to daunting and difficult. There is a girl at my school that is in a all girl children's band called Girl Authority. She is one of those typical teenagers that wants to be famous. She and her "band" go on tour all the time and she is always talking about how much she LOVES the stage. Her profile picture is even a picture of her at a mic, singing her heart out. Now I don;t mean to insult her because she isn't a good singer, because that is a lie. She is a good singer. And I applaud her for being in Girl Authority even if everyone at school ridicules her (because sadly, they suck). The only reason I "rag" on her is because she wants fame for all the wrong reasons! She doesn't want to change peoples lives with her music, she doesn't really appreciate music either. She just wants to be famous. I don't think that that is the best reason to be famous...

On a happier note I'm proud to say that a whole bunch of my friends are advancing musically!!! Like my friends are in this band and they have a big big big show coming up!!! Which is super exciting! And another going on tour! How exciting for all of them!!! I must say though, I am really jealous. I am a singer, but most definitely not talented enough to go on tour or anything... There is also the problem of no band, heh heh heh. I really want to start a band. I remember going to my friends shows (everyone check out I Invented Chivalry!) and I would wish that I could be up on a stage jamming out with a bunch of my friends! Hmmm There isn't much I can do about my lack of band. Well if any of your friends are interested, tell them I'm begging them to join!

Alright, I am so bored! There is nothing to do in my little town of X. Yes I am calling it X. It doesn't even start with an "x" but in algebra an unknown variable is "x" so that is what I'm calling my town. It is an unknown variable in my mind and the mind of others. So Yes, there is nothing to do in X! There is a Dairy Hoy (not it's real name), a grocery, and a couple of other stores. Oh and a Bruegers. That's it! And also the town in population is small, but everything is so spread out that everyone lives really far away from each other. Hmmmm apparently the creators of X liked to have their space! Lots and lots of space!

My last point of the day is about someone who is mean. He has no name. Anyway, said boy is a photographer, cool right? No. See this boy asked me to model for him. I must say it's very flattering when someone asks you to model for them, no matter how good of a photographer... Well anyway I get my new haircut and next thing I know, I'm ugly, not his "ideal" girl for the shot. It's so lame! I cut my hair short, not "scene" anymore and I am ugly? JerkFace! But I love my hair and that's what counts.... Yeah I just wanted to get that off my chest... JERK JERK JERK!!!! Alright I'm done.

So anyway, I'm gonna go now! I hope you loved my spiel... This is most definitely an online journal but who cares! I like talking about random stuff! So yeah here are your pictures!

She is/was my idol... This is one of her many looks...
Lana Rae

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why'd You Have To Go And Turn To Ice?

I wanted to write in the middle now.
So that's what I'm going to do.
I have been so tired lately, but I just can't sleep.
But I guess I'll just have to live, right?
It's lovely... You know living?
So how have your days been? Great? Lovely?
I'd tell you about mine but... Naw I think I won't.

So Lately I have been in a funk.
That's all I really want to say about my days.
I'm in this weird, tired, bad mood funk.
It's getting on my nerves!
And other peoples nerves too.
Oh well, I'll get out of this funk.
In the mean time I'll spend my days listening to music and writing.

So at my school we have this really dumb class called Career Sem.
In theory it was a good idea.
They teach us how to choose a career and a collage and things like that.
What they didn't anticipate was the crappy teacher who would teach it.
He gave me an incomplete for the first quarter because one of my assignments was hand written!
Stupid stupid stupid!!!
And we are always taking dumb personalities tests.
It's so dumb!!!
Blegh I have that class first period tomorrow and no frees!
This sucks man!

Alright so yeah I have nothing else to talk about so I'm gonna go.
Bye everyone!

This picture is titled Sleep Is For The Dead, And I am about to sleep... Ha! Well goodnight!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Andy Samberg is beautiful, even if you don't think so. He is...

The scariest thing in the world is finding out that your friend is hurt. And That's what I just found out. A friend of mine, (A boy I have secretly liked since the first day of school freshman year) just got out of the hospital. He had been in there since Wednesday last week. And the scariest thing is I don't know why! But he is out of the hospital so that must mean he is better right? Hmmm I hope so!

First day of school after a break is always exciting. People have new haircuts (ahem, me), some have new clothes, others look the same but act different, and everyone has new stories to tell. It's positively wonderful! I love people... They make me happy. And after a whole vacation without human interaction except for family, it's nice to be back at school. So for those of you in school, YAY!!! It's so depressing when people are so against going to school. Everyone likes to learn, maybe not math or science, but everyone likes to learn something! And hey, you always get to socialize! And who doesn't love socializing?

Alright so lately my posts have been rather short... And those that find them long, ha you should have seen them before! I have decided to only to do a word of the week, and only on Fridays, because I am super lazy! So deal with it! I'm also adding a picture because I like pictures. Alrighty then, I should go! Bye bye bye!!! Here is your picture...

Yeah screw it only one picture today. HA!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Come Fly With Me, Come Fly, Let's Fly Away!

Today, I went shopping, the first time in a while. And I must say that I don't like it, still. I do like things though. So I shop anyway. I like stuff... It's quite a problem I must say. I don't mean to be so attached to such material things, I just like things. I'm always joking around saying, "When I marry a rich man, I'll buy this!" I only mean it jokingly. I am most definitely not a gold-digger. So if when I'm older and somehow I marry someone super super rich... I did not plan it! It just happened that way. HA!!

Yeah I really don't have anything else to say.... Other then the fact that I made a Snowbob today! Like a B.O.B. from Monsters V.S. Aliens. It's amazing!!! I made it with my sisters, and it was so much fun! I suggest that those of you who have snow should make some type of animated character in the snow. It's wonderful!!!

Oh before I leave I would like to tell you all that I forgot to put a resolution on my list. I want to stop swearing. And I will do it! I hope at least... Yeah well I will try my hardest. Well you see recently I have been swearing... A lot. It is a filthy habit and it makes one sound uneducated. I will stop... I PROMISE!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The New Year.

So the New Year has started. It's really a wonderful year. And to start off this new year, I cut my hair. Yes, I cut my hair to my chin. If you know me, then you know that my hair has been somewhat long since I was very young. So now, it is short, short, short!! Or at least it is short for me. To my chin! I am so excited though. I think it looks great! So does my sister so that is a plus! Now It has come to my attention that my posts are rather wordy, and that is true. I mean I always have a picture so at least you have something to look at... But I like typing so you guys can suck it, it's staying wordy.

So again I have my New Years resolutions! And I will now tell you my resolutions because I feel like it... They are all really silly.... Sorry.

New Years Resolutions
- Start conversation with people
-Not to butt into peoples problems when they don't want me too.
- Keep my hair the same length for a long while
- To be more outgoing
- To become somewhat fluent in German (or at least learn it)
-To post frequently
- To find my style
- To read, read, read!
- To finish the book I'm writing, even if it sucks
- To write more music.
- Learn the piano

Dang it, so now I can't get my font unbold itself, which is stupid! And it's quite annoying! Oh wow and now it is not bold anymore... This is dumb! Yes well now that the computer is annoying me, I'll just post up my new picture and yeah... I hope you all had a great new year!!! :D Mine was not very exciting but there is nothing better then starting the new year with William Darcy. Yes that is one beautiful man... I love Pride and Prejudice! I like the one with Kiera (I know I spelled that wrong... :/) Knightly at least, I haven't seen the Collin Firth one yet, I hope to though! Well Bye!

I want it!!