Thursday, January 28, 2010

Welcome to Loserville.

NOT a good day today. I don't even know why... I thought it was... Until just a little while ago. It's amazing how one little phone call can ruin your day... It really can you know? Why do people have to keep asking questions? Why do they have to proceed to question what I have already answered? I don't know. But they do. And Now I just feel terrible. So, so terrible. TO the point that I don't really know anything anymore. Hmmmph. This is terrible. So I listened to this to make me feel better...

This the Hall & Oates song You Make My Dreams Come True, but it's also in a scene from 500 Days of summer, Which is what this video is of. If you haven't seen it you really should. It's a great movie.

So weird thing happened today. A and have decided that it is their life goal to get L to ask me to prom. So that's what they are trying to do. A weird thing eh? Apparently L asked N to the prom but she has a boyfriend, so she has to say no. They would only be going as friends though (L and N I mean). Now I am aware that all of this i meaningless and stupid to you, and probably doesn't make any sense, but whatever. I just wanted to get that out there. So hey, maybe soon I will have a date to the prom. I already have a dress anyway. This is what it looks like...

Sorry that it is a really bad picture... I my phone takes horrible pictures.. But this will have to do I, guess! I love it... We bought it at this little store that I'm sorry but I can't remember the name of. It went out of business two weeks after we got it , so lucky us. When we got it, it was mighty big on me. Luckily they tailored it for us! It was on sale, only 100 dollars and with the tailoring it came out to about 150. Which isn't that bad. Its obviously red... It is satin, off the shoulder sleeves, gold and green beading on it... I love it! I wore it to the Military Ball for my old schools JROTC. It was totally lovely! I had a lot of fun. So I really want to wear it at least one more time before I grow out of it... I hope I haven't already... And yes, that is my messy room in the background... Everyone always comments of the Audrey Hepburn poster behind me. So comment away if you wish!

Alright... So unwanted attention, no one wants it... But how do you get rid of it? Please tell me? How do you get rid of that attention that really isn't needed. Blegh to attention... Blegh!

Alright I should go... I have to get a lot of homework done and I haven't done much of it. Peace out!

Burberry handbag add. The models are always so beautiful. Like Emma Watson... She is gorgeous. And the guys are always so HOT!!! I love it. Okay Bye!

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