Friday, January 8, 2010


Both of them are so beautiful.
Yeah so I have come to find that this whole not swearing thing is a lot harder then I thought! I mean I didn't swear that much but it got to be just force of habit so now whenever someone says a certain thing I have the sudden urge to swear... But I won't!

So tonight I'm going to a dance... Exciting right? Nope! It just so happens I am going as a favor for my friends that are going on a date but don't want to go alone. So I have to go to this dance that isn't at my school nor will I know anyone there AND I'm going to be third wheel. This sucks royally. I wouldn't mind so much if it was at my school, at least I'd know people that way! What's even worse is they are gonna try to set me up with guys also, which I don't mind but so awkward!! So I guess I'll just have to live through the night... I promised my friend not to die and not o get raped. Hahahah! Chastity belt here I come!

Oh and on another note I am singing the National Anthem for the boys varsity game. Earlier this week I sang at the girls one, not so bad, but at the boys one! I'm so nervous! I know I can do it but I am so terrified! Singing in front of crowds is so much fun but I get so nervous! So very nervous!

Alright that's what I'm doing tonight... So I'll tell you about it later!


  1. dont be scared its not as bad as you think it will be

  2. also you are very inconsistent with your postings