Monday, January 4, 2010


Andy Samberg is beautiful, even if you don't think so. He is...

The scariest thing in the world is finding out that your friend is hurt. And That's what I just found out. A friend of mine, (A boy I have secretly liked since the first day of school freshman year) just got out of the hospital. He had been in there since Wednesday last week. And the scariest thing is I don't know why! But he is out of the hospital so that must mean he is better right? Hmmm I hope so!

First day of school after a break is always exciting. People have new haircuts (ahem, me), some have new clothes, others look the same but act different, and everyone has new stories to tell. It's positively wonderful! I love people... They make me happy. And after a whole vacation without human interaction except for family, it's nice to be back at school. So for those of you in school, YAY!!! It's so depressing when people are so against going to school. Everyone likes to learn, maybe not math or science, but everyone likes to learn something! And hey, you always get to socialize! And who doesn't love socializing?

Alright so lately my posts have been rather short... And those that find them long, ha you should have seen them before! I have decided to only to do a word of the week, and only on Fridays, because I am super lazy! So deal with it! I'm also adding a picture because I like pictures. Alrighty then, I should go! Bye bye bye!!! Here is your picture...

Yeah screw it only one picture today. HA!


  1. cool shorter posts but more of them :)

  2. fail, nox.
    al, have you ever read
    it's BRILLIANT!
    i think you would get a huge kick out of it.
    it's the reason i love people too :)

    okay, not really.
    but it's awesome.
    check it out if you haven't already. :)

  3. ok then constructive criticism :D