Monday, January 18, 2010

Thinking Of Him....

I don't if you know this but my last two posts have been named after songs or lyrics from the musical my school is putting on. I guess I am just in the mood for Curtains. Well guys, I got in, but only in the ensemble. I am so excited for it! It's rather lovely I must say! Though I feel bad, but I am a bit disappointed with my part. I thought I had done really well at auditions but I guess I wasn't what they were looking for in a named part. Oh well I will be a great ensemble-er. So it will be great.

You know what's really annoying? When your mom is friends with you on facebook! Every time I have a status that says, "Wow I had a terrible day!'" or "I just found out something terrible!" She comes into my room and asks me all about it. It's rather annoying in my opinion. I mean I don't mind my friends asking, most of the time they already know, but my mom thinks I'm a depressed child, cutting herself all the time or something. Which I don't do. I have very strong feelings against cutting. But yeah, It's UBER annoying. Yes I used "uber." I am very upset with myself. GAH!

Hmmmm so there is this random kid on facebook who only talks to me to tell me about him and his girl friend. Actually here is a real conversation with him...
J.F.- Hey!
Me- Hiya...
J.F.- I got to second base with my girlfriend today.
Me- Like legit, or just kidding?
J.F.- No I'm serious
Full Bare hand to full bare tit.
Me- Oh ummmm cool?
J.F.- Yeah!
J.F. logs off.

Yeah so I don't understand why this kid start conversations with me just to tell me about his escapades with his girlfriend then to leave. What is the point of it? And It's not like his computer stops. He legitimately just stops talking to me. He only starts conversations to tell me about his girlfriend. It is so weird! I don't enjoy it that much. I don't know the girl but I bet she wouldn't appreciate him telling some random girl "Full hand on full bare tit." I know that if it were me, I would be mighty angry. Mighty, Mighty angry!

Yes so the best movie in the world is Bolt! Everyone should watch it! I am ordering you to! You will love it if you haven't seen it. And if you have seen it, well it's amazing right?

Okay this long weekend has been have good and half bad... The bad: I have come to find that my friends don't actually like me... It sucks! But I am used to it. I have a few great friends so that's what counts. I love all of my friends that are in Team AC and my theater friends and some other people. I really am happy. It doesn't matter that the group that I hang out with every weekend doesn't actually like me, I can live with weekends with my sisters and some other people! So there! Now the good: I had the most fun yesterday! With a group of my actual friends, I went to play laser tag and then we all saw Avatar! It was lovely!! I had loads of fun!!!

Okay to close this, I sadly have another crush. It will probably go away soon... But you know... IT kind of sucks. I won't say much about this one... No one knows about how I like him. And I'm going to keep it that way. Now I will say I have no chance, but there is an actual reason! I'm not being annoying, all "oh I'm so ugly, I have no chance!" I really don't have a chance because of... Reasons. That is all I'm going to say. SO I guess I will take my leave now! Bye darlings!

Alexa Chung Is rather beautiful... And amazing. I used to watch her show, It's On With Alexa Chung, but sadly it has been canceled. It's rather depressing. Well goodbye lovelies!

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  1. sorry about the audition, hope you and him work out