Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Miss The Music I Made With Her

Ha I am not actually in love... It's just fun to say. Ha! But a lot of people have been falling in love lately! It's pretty cool I guess... Fun to watch them fall for each other.

Okay so call backs and dance auditions were SO MUCH FUN! They were fabulous! Fist off we started dancing! I have never been a part of a more fun Ho-Down in my life! It's the funniest dance in the world. I swear I should make a video of it and post it. It's hilarious! Then call backs were fantastic! Now since this is online and no one call make me feel bad I'm going to toot my own horn for a while. I did so well on the song! It's not quite in my range but I did quite wonderful! Strong and lovely! And I swear I might get a lead! Because near the end they did partner scenes for leads and they chose me to do one! Oh how exciting! But even if I don't get a lead I'll just be happy to be in it! t of course I have to wait until freaking nine until the list goes up! Gah! Oh well....

Man I am too excited to type... So I'll write later! And tell you my part! Here are some PRETTY guys for you to look at. At the top and the bottom!

AHHHHH I know them!!

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