Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh My Jonas.

So pretty!

I find it impressive that a Disney boy band can get so much attention that people are making phrases about them! "Oh my Jonas!" "What the Jonas?!" It's amazing how three young boys can get such a fan base. I swear one day I'll have a fan base like that! What can I say I want to be a SUPERSTAR! Ha but not really. Being famous seems to daunting and difficult. There is a girl at my school that is in a all girl children's band called Girl Authority. She is one of those typical teenagers that wants to be famous. She and her "band" go on tour all the time and she is always talking about how much she LOVES the stage. Her profile picture is even a picture of her at a mic, singing her heart out. Now I don;t mean to insult her because she isn't a good singer, because that is a lie. She is a good singer. And I applaud her for being in Girl Authority even if everyone at school ridicules her (because sadly, they suck). The only reason I "rag" on her is because she wants fame for all the wrong reasons! She doesn't want to change peoples lives with her music, she doesn't really appreciate music either. She just wants to be famous. I don't think that that is the best reason to be famous...

On a happier note I'm proud to say that a whole bunch of my friends are advancing musically!!! Like my friends are in this band and they have a big big big show coming up!!! Which is super exciting! And another going on tour! How exciting for all of them!!! I must say though, I am really jealous. I am a singer, but most definitely not talented enough to go on tour or anything... There is also the problem of no band, heh heh heh. I really want to start a band. I remember going to my friends shows (everyone check out I Invented Chivalry!) and I would wish that I could be up on a stage jamming out with a bunch of my friends! Hmmm There isn't much I can do about my lack of band. Well if any of your friends are interested, tell them I'm begging them to join!

Alright, I am so bored! There is nothing to do in my little town of X. Yes I am calling it X. It doesn't even start with an "x" but in algebra an unknown variable is "x" so that is what I'm calling my town. It is an unknown variable in my mind and the mind of others. So Yes, there is nothing to do in X! There is a Dairy Hoy (not it's real name), a grocery, and a couple of other stores. Oh and a Bruegers. That's it! And also the town in population is small, but everything is so spread out that everyone lives really far away from each other. Hmmmm apparently the creators of X liked to have their space! Lots and lots of space!

My last point of the day is about someone who is mean. He has no name. Anyway, said boy is a photographer, cool right? No. See this boy asked me to model for him. I must say it's very flattering when someone asks you to model for them, no matter how good of a photographer... Well anyway I get my new haircut and next thing I know, I'm ugly, not his "ideal" girl for the shot. It's so lame! I cut my hair short, not "scene" anymore and I am ugly? JerkFace! But I love my hair and that's what counts.... Yeah I just wanted to get that off my chest... JERK JERK JERK!!!! Alright I'm done.

So anyway, I'm gonna go now! I hope you loved my spiel... This is most definitely an online journal but who cares! I like talking about random stuff! So yeah here are your pictures!

She is/was my idol... This is one of her many looks...
Lana Rae


  1. i think "omjosh" (in tribute, of course, to josh groban) is WAY cooler than "oh my jonas" ....i'm just saying. :)

  2. Ha except Josh Groban sucks! XP Heheh I don't really like either....