Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's the night of our lives.... Who's that girl? She looks so fine.... Who's that guy? I don't recognize. Yeah I know I'm all cool quoting this movie.. I won't say what it is though. So anyway... Today was very interesting. I do have to say, today was the first time I ever found out that someone "loved" me. Like a guy loved me... I don't know If I like the feeling... Especially if it is unrequited.... I guess I kind of am doing the same thing to him that the guy I like is doing to me... He wrote a song for me... Isn't that crazy? It was totally amazing... Well written, pretty... I feel so bad now. It's probably the most romantic thing anyone has done for me and I shot the poor kid down... I know I should I have, I don't like him like that.. He is like my best friend... Well I like him enough but more as a friend... But that's not the point. I feel so bad... Should I have said yes? Should I have told him I liked him too? No that wouldn't be fair to him. Anyway, people say "Do what your heart tells you!" No matter how corny it is, it's true. I would just feel even more terrible if I said yes to him. Including he wanted to know if I loved him! Not like but LOVE. That's a big word to throw out at me! You know my opinion on love! Oh well I guess... It was a great song though... Light and happy then slow and melancholy. I liked it a lot.

So, I would like to point out something. People automatically assume that if I say I think I guy is cute, That I like him! That is a lie. I think he is cute... CUTE! I don't automatically like that. Actually now That I think about it... I only like two guys. One everyone knows, R. The other... Well only my sister knows. P... Lovely P. I like him a lot more then I thought I did. And I am worried about him. More then I let on. I hope he is okay. So yeah, that's my spiel on the guys I like. Two guys: R and P. Mmmkay? No one else... At the moment. Ha!

Today is a big choir rehearsal at a college. It's so stupid! I don't need to practice the same song for three hours! Gosh! But I guess I will live. For some reason I feel like singing so I guess this will be good. I need to sing my little heart out... I don't know, when I'm in the mood that I am in, I usually need to sing... We will see how it goes.

So two more things before I have to go. 1) S is coming soon! I am so excited!!! I can't wait to see her! She is the coolest ever! So Good luck on your journey here! And 2) I am writing two plays. At the moment they are only ten minute one act plays but he, maybe they will be so good, I'll expand on them... WE will see. Okay well bye lovelies!!! PEace out.

I like this song. Love Song by Tesla.

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  1. exactly,once a told a girl that she was pretty and she thought i was hitting on her, there is a difference between cute as in pretty(or handsome if a guy) and hot as in attractive etc, one is more of a statement and the other a opinion, but they arnt interchangeable, a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not always a square, lol weird comparasion, but right you get the point