Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

So Last nigh at the concert, the funniest thing happened! Well to me it was funny. So the boys A Capella group from my school sang All The Above. It's a good song, I'll post a video of it, but any was this is N.N sings the solo. Well when he was up there rapping his little heart out, the girls from a different school who sat behind me were gabbing about him THE WHOLE TIME!! They were saying things like, "Oh he is SO good!" And "Wow he is so cute, and he can sing! I think I have fallen!" And my ultimate favorite "Man anyone who actually knows him is SOOOO lucky!" Ha when they said that, I laughed for a while... Everyone thought I was going crazy... Well girls, I know him. Ha I guess I am SOOOO lucky! Ha I don't know why I thought that was so funny, but I did... So yeah... That's my story.

Maino Ft. T-Pain. All the Above.

So anyway, last night was fun. It always seems like the college group has all of the cutest guys in it. Buuuut I am a lowly sophomore in high school. Ha which is weird. So yes, Voice Male was there last night, and some people were rather beautiful. And after the show, my friend I.D. (hahah I never noticed that's what her initials were) went to converse with them. They were really nice. I guess I have a southern Twang or something cause one of them asked me If I was from the south and I told him I was from Texas. He told me he loved my "accent." Of course while he said that I was thinking... I have an accent? Since when? Oh well they were cool guys. Friendly. Ha I.D. was having a field day! She was the one who wanted to talk to them the most. She is older so I guess it's not as weird? But yeah, it was funny! Man I was so tired that night, I said some really stupid things... It was fun!

Joben, I guess isn't doing to well. SO I guess I will have to be there for him as a friend I'm not changing my mind. It would be worse If I said yes because I felt bad for him not because I actually liked him. So yeah.... Not giving in... I'm glad I have friends...

Okay well I have nothing else to report. I might hang with J.L. or B.H. Either one would be fun. I am just so bored!! It's terrible! Hmmm SO peace out everyone! I should be watching the movie I put on to watch with my sister instead of sitting on the computer... HA!

WE happen to be watching Mamma Mia. It's fun. Here is I Have a Dream.

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