Sunday, January 3, 2010

Come Fly With Me, Come Fly, Let's Fly Away!

Today, I went shopping, the first time in a while. And I must say that I don't like it, still. I do like things though. So I shop anyway. I like stuff... It's quite a problem I must say. I don't mean to be so attached to such material things, I just like things. I'm always joking around saying, "When I marry a rich man, I'll buy this!" I only mean it jokingly. I am most definitely not a gold-digger. So if when I'm older and somehow I marry someone super super rich... I did not plan it! It just happened that way. HA!!

Yeah I really don't have anything else to say.... Other then the fact that I made a Snowbob today! Like a B.O.B. from Monsters V.S. Aliens. It's amazing!!! I made it with my sisters, and it was so much fun! I suggest that those of you who have snow should make some type of animated character in the snow. It's wonderful!!!

Oh before I leave I would like to tell you all that I forgot to put a resolution on my list. I want to stop swearing. And I will do it! I hope at least... Yeah well I will try my hardest. Well you see recently I have been swearing... A lot. It is a filthy habit and it makes one sound uneducated. I will stop... I PROMISE!!!


  1. oh for swearing you can replace words with random words