Monday, August 16, 2010

The Hardest Truth

I think the hardest thing to do when you are a teenager is keeping up with your promises. To others, to yourself, it's hard. So I would like to apologize to my maybe to readers (you know who you are) for not blogging. You probably don't care but it's cool. So! On with blogging! Onward soldiers!!

On the inside, I hurt.
But on the outside, I wear my mast well.
Soft smiles and Bright eyes.
They wear me out until I am nothing.
Deep down, in the core of my body, all I want is sleep.
Nothing more then to sleep away the day.
But everyday I wake up,
I put on my mask and I laugh and smile.
But if you look hard enough,
You can still see the sleep in my heart.
If you can see it, wake me up.

I hate it when people look too much into things. They strip it of all meaning by trying to figure out it's meaning. Honestly, maybe the writer didn't mean anything when they wrote it. The words came to them but they don't pertain to the writer at all. When I wrote that poem, (it's not very good but then again I'm not a writer.) I wasn't thinking of me at all. I had just woken up and was a little sleepy and there you go, SLEEP became the theme of my poem. Whoop-di-doo. BIG DEAL to some. I'm not depressed. Everyone writes all kinds of things. I may write Happy poems, love poems, depressing poems, all that jazz! But I'm not happy, in love, depressed or whatever. I mean I am happy but it doesn't have to be in my poems. Please don't aways read into things. I mean sometimes you have to, but really?! I think there are some things to can leave well enough alone. It's silly. Blegh. Done with that now... Ha!

Total Eclipse of the Heart is the best song ever. Hahahaha!

I'm pretty much in love with that song. It's hilariously 80's (I think it's 80's)

So enjoy your day you guys! I;m seeing Despicable Me tonight. Sick nast!!! Okay so peace!!