Saturday, January 23, 2010

This is My Obsession

All I want is everything you're not. Hmmm This song is now stuck in my head. I was reading a blog of a friend, and this song was on it... I'm a bit embarrassed though. It is a Demi Lavato song... But it's good. It makes me think I guess. I actually secretly like all of those Disney singers... I mean I used to love Miley Cirus, not anymore though. I secretly like the Jonas Brothers, and wish that Nick would sweep me away. Demi Lavato and Selena Gomez? Love 'em! But that's not the point. Actually I don't even really know what the point is in general.

I don't understand why people fall in love with celebrities. It's a rather silly concept. I mean basically girls see a movie, see that one actor... Next thing you know they see every single movie they are in and have posters of them and are a screaming fan, hopelessly in love with them. I think actors do it on purpose, they act all cute and adorable in interviews and they are always so... UGH. People are so weird. Ha!

So I have been on all morning. Now if you have never been it's this music generating site. You create a "station" like right now I'm listening to a July Garden station. Then it generates a bunch of music that is similar to Judy's music, like Frank and Louis and Ella and Dean. It's rather lovely. Though I have come to find that all the songs are about love. I mean you would be expecting that, but I don't know... I don't usually listen to the words, just the beautiful voices and stuff. But now... I'm listening and it's wondrous. So please, go to and make a station. It's fun and you will probably find a bunch of bands you never heard of before.

I am in such a weird mood man! It sucks! Gah! I really don't like being in a weird mood like this, It's so bad. I hate it. I feel angry and sad and annoyed at myself ALL AT THE SAME TIME! It's weird. HA save me from this weird mood please!

Oh so yeah I'm invited to my friends G.N. and B.H.'s 18th birthday party. It's tonight actually. They sent out this email. It said
Hey guys!! You are all invited to mine and G's 18th birthday party! Basically you guys should show up to G's house at 7:00. A rave will ensue We will have food and stuff as well. You can stay till around 11 or so. It's gonna be a blast!! -B & G
See that would be perfectly fine, but if you will notice, there is no address. How am I supposed to get there if I don't even know where G lives? Ha! When I read it, I laughed for a while after I read it. Then my mom read it an she laughed for a while too. What a silly thing to leave out... Oh well! I'll figure it out eventually. I'll text them or something when I'm less lazy.

Okay well that's all I have to say. I guess I'll write again soon! Have fun today, hope it's great!

His Majesties, Prince William and Prince Harry are quite good looking, eh?


  1. You don't know where G lives? *Everyone* knows where G lives.

  2. Bahahahahahah Of course I know where G lives! Hahaha shut up Tasha. XP