Sunday, April 18, 2010

I died.... And now I'm back

Hello everyone.... I died.... Sorry about that. But I'm back now, living and breathing and such. Well for the most part. I was sick so yeah, the breathing part was a little hard... Ha I couldn't sing without coughing every so often... It made things difficult when I was singing in the choir concert. NOT IMPORTANT though. Ha so anyway, I don't know what to tell you. I could fill you in on all of the things I've done recently but that would make then longest post in the history of man! So I will not do that. But I will.... Ugh yeah I have nothing else to say. Should I ramble? Nawwww. I'll say a few things and then skivvie.


Yes so E.A. and I recently found a rather cool dude... Ummm actually the most amazing dude. Charlie is his name and is his name and I rather like him. Here is one of his videos... :]]

Ummmm yeah I love him... charlieissocoollike.

Ahhh who wouldn't like him? He is so cool like!!! Enjoy my friends!

Uhhh.... I am seeing 30 Seconds to Mars on Tuesday. I'm super excited!!!! Jared Leto.... So beautiful!!!!

Yeah I have nothing else to say... Ha!!! So yeah I guess I'll write a better post later. Peace out Scouts!!!

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