Wednesday, March 10, 2010


AHHHH THIS IS THE FIFTIETH POST I HAVE WRITTEN!!! Are you proud of me? I have actually kept up with this for that long?! Dang! Ha well Isn't this just exciting? Ahhh! How exciting.

Man, I am beat! It's really quite sad! I am so very tired! Why why why why why? Oh yeah, because I have no life other then theater anymore. I forgot for a second. Pooey. I mean, I love theater, but it takes up so much of my time! And effects my grades too.... Blegh. How EXHAUSTING!

Alrighty then, I met a cute boy today. Lets call him... Flogging Molly. That's his name now. Yes, Flogging Molly is quite attractive. Good personality too. But I am always meeting boys. Ha! He says we will be dancing at the dance though. Yay. Ha! Should be fun. He seems nice. A good new friend? Maybe! Hopefully better then Camel. Abandon er. Bahahahah! Just kidding. Hmmmm.... SEMI IS GONNA BE SWEET! So many cool people going! Maybe another person? Maybe....

I found a dress for the semi formal. It's one Saturday. I think I have already said this. Well I'm excited for the award ceremony then a quick change and off to the dance! Ha at least this dance has benefits. If we don't move on, it will cheer me up, if we do then I'll be able to celebrate! I'm excited. YAY for bright pink dresses! I'm gonna look like a Barbie, I swear. Ha!

So They decided on themes for the schools that we are hosting. It's cereal! My group got Frosted Flakes. Ttttthhhhheeeerrrrrreeeeeeeee GREAT! Ha It will be wonderful! Or I hope it will be! We are getting decorations tomorrow I think. Wish us luck! We usually have a small budget so hopefully this will go well! Ahhhh I'm excited! This will be sick!

So I bought the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack, Almost Alice. It wasn't as amazing as I had hoped it would be. Meh, how not exciting. Oh well, there are some sick songs on the C.D. I'm embarrassed to say that I like the Avril Levine song the best... Little funfact, did you know that Avril means April in French? Cool right? Anyway, I suggest people see the movie though. I liked it. It wasn't epic, but it was pretty sweet!

Ahhh I have nothing else to report.... Other then I'm going to bed at eight tonight. Excited? Yes. So goodnight all! Have a good one!


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  1. congrats of fifty, lets hope for many more lol hang in there