Thursday, March 4, 2010


Oooh I am mad... Really really mad. Angry at myself really. But what can I do about it? I'm a dumb girl. Dumb dumb dumb dumb! Why? Camel? Yes. Shiz. This sucks man!

Hmmm I had a forty minute heart to heart with B.C? Weird! I mean it was great to get things off my chest. There have been some things that I just need to talk about but... I can't always. I don't know why I told him... It just came out I guess... SO I told a random kid things that I don't usually tell them... And he cried? Weird. I wasn't expecting it! Well we know more about each other I guess.

So I'm regretting deleting that post from a couple of days ago. It was a great post. But It's gone now, not coming back. I shouldn't have done it. Ooooh well.

I am sick. This sucks man! I hate being sick! It's rather terrible. I dislike it... Just wanted to reiterate that point. I don't like being sick. Not at all. Yuck. Gross. Ewww. MEh. Blegh. Gah.

I got a solo in chorus. Everyone should come see me fail completely! It will be a smash! It will be a ball. It will be a hit! Gosh I dislike my life right now. Problems. Bad stuff. Stupid stuff. Teenage angsty stuff. Oh well! Who cares? Everyone has enough problems already! Why complain about mine? One one these days I'll do something for myself but for now, I have others on my mind. ALRIGHT!

Enough of that.

So has anyone noticed the facebook tradition of making the little box under your profile picture say the date of when you officially became an item with your significant other? I have noticed... It's funny how people state that. What happens when you break up? You have to change it and you are reminded of when you first got together. Ouch. And there is a new sensation sweeping the nation! or whatever you want. Yeah so It's a silly little site made for people that like to answer annoying questions. You make one, post in on your facebook, and people anonymously ask you questions that you can then choose to answer or delete. They then all become your status', updated every time you answer a question. I'm really debating on whether to make one, just to see what people would ask me. I won't, but hey, it's fun to think about it. What if I get a super personal question? Or what if some random person confesses their love for me? i would never know who it was. I guess that's the best part of it... Meh, I won't get one though. I'm not really brave enough to, if that makes sense....?

Alright, I have nothing else to say. So toodle-ooo! Have a nice day!

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