Friday, March 5, 2010


Ha. Ha. Ha. Who doesn't like Freakles?

I got sick yesterday. This morning when I woke up and told my dad I felt terrible, he replied, "Don't go to school then." So I didn't. Who has replaced my Daddy? My sister later told me he probably let me stay because I was older. Anyway, I spent the night sleeping a reading. Good day. Though a little boring I must say... Ooooh well! I liked relaxing. But yeah, right now I'm watching Benjamin Button and reading MLIA's. Man MLIA is so much better then FML. It's way less depressing. I love them so much... Oooh people with average lives are the best!

Hmmmm Camel... Enough said.

Ahhhh I have nothing to report because I did NOTHING today. Well I did read a book. Here it is. Read it....

Bass Ackwards and Belly Up.

Yeah, well I guess I'll go away for now.... Meh. Bye!

Ahhh Before I go, I missed a call and now I'm angry. HA! Stupid phone didn't ring...

Tata for now!

LIGHTS- Saviour

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