Monday, March 8, 2010

Goosey Goose

Okay, Camel is gone! It's all good though! I just have to believe in myself and it will disappear! Please believe in me too! It's for the best! Bye bye Camel.

Hmmmm No prom everyone, by the way. I got uninvited. I don't know if I told you about the prom. Got invited, now I'm not. Ooooh well!

I AM THE BEAST OF ALL BEASTS! I FINISHED A LAB REPORT IN AN HOUR!! Suck it. HA! I love getting stuff done. Granted it was a terrible report, but who cares? I don't. Ahhh I am so tired man!!!

Okay so Semi finals are on Saturday, the same day as the Semi formal. Ha what are the odds? They be slim mister! But it will be great. The first one was wonderful! I met a lot of wonderful people. But festival is very stressful. And my grades go way down during the week of! It doesn't help that tomorrow I have TWO tests and play practice. Ugh this is getting to be way to much work. I really dislike it at the moment. Not very fun. But it will get fun I bet. I have come to find that around Semi's time, nothing is fun, everyone is just so dead set on getting to the finals. Then at the finals they get all chill again. I wish every stage were like the Pre-lims. Everything is just so chill and nice. I enjoy it a lot.

So here is my goal for Semis. I will be outgoing and lovely. I don't want to go to find a guy, that's stupid. It's a perk but not a good reason to go. I want to have fun and I want to see all of the wonderful plays that go on. I want to be happy. Oh be happy PLEASE!

Does anyone want to talk? I would rather enjoy that. If you know me, you can contact me.I just need to talk. Or listen. I need to get my head strait is what I need... So yes, There isn't much else to say. I'll tell you all about the school I'm hosting for Semi's on Thursday. That's when I meet them. Hopefully they are super chill! Okay, well goodbye for now my loves!

This song makes me insanely happy. All Over Town- The Kooks.
It's a sad but sweet tune...


  1. sure ill listen, its nice to have someone to talk to, but i kinda have my own problems(not exactly problems) i have things to deal with, if you want i have skype or aim i think i forget

  2. Ha don't worry, it's all good. :P
    I was just being a silly girl. XP

  3. lol well thats always good thing about overreacting its not as bad as you think :)