Sunday, December 13, 2009

You Are My Evangeline.

Okay, I just want to clear something up, I AM NOT IN LOVE! Jesus you guys, learn how to read. I am not in love. I wouldn't be that hypocritical so soon after I wrote a post. I mean I might maybe in a month or so but not days after the fact. So there is point ONE in this post. Come on guys, don't be silly.

So yeah I saw the Princess and The Frog. It was AMAZING!!! Everyone should see it. It was really really good! Very cute, super sweet, just enough girly but not too girly... I loved it! Ha what and I saying? It was UBER girly. Wow I feel like such a tool for saying girly. I hate it when guys say stuff like "What's up girly?" What do you think if you show your "feminine side" girls will like you? No. It's just really annoying and kind of makes you sound gay. Now there is nothing wrong with being gay but if you are strait... Yeah that is what it is making you seem. Gosh, guys trying too hard pisses me off....

Yeah so I am in a terrible mood. I don't even know why. Ugh! Now I can't even write more... I'll post again later. I just can't really deal right now with my pissed off-ness. Thanks for reading.


  1. I just wasted a good title on this useless post.

  2. u are not gay stop trying to push that haha

  3. hey i can be what ever i want, your a whore and you cant deny that