Friday, October 30, 2009

Yeah Boy and Doll Face.

Now I know you might find this totally crazy but I believe in radio karma. What is radio karma you may ask? I believe that the song that is on the radio when I turn it on will tell e about my day to come, or affect my day in some way. I know it sounds silly but it's totally true! One time I turned on the radio and it was Firefly by Owl City. From then on my day was absolutely wonderful! I know it makes me sound crazy or stupid, but haven't you ever believed in something that just is so weird and outlandish and just positively wonderful? Hmmm Maybe it's just me. I'm just a weird kid.

Wanna know what else is weird with me? My mood. It's weird.... I feel like... I feel like I'm missing something really important. Something that I should have by now but I just... Don't. I guess it doesn't really matter. This is a normal teenage thing to be feeling. It makes sense right? I'm not some crazy girl that is going through some manic depression or something. Ha. I heard that you can always tell that someone is going to commit suicide if they drastically change, like cut their really long hair short, or something. I think it's because they crave that last bit of attention before they do away with themselves. I don't know, I haven't cut my hair or anything so I think I'm pretty safe for now... Hopefully. I'm thinking no word of the day today, sorry darlings. Not in the mood. Ha Jesus I'm such a Debbie Downer today! It's pretty bad... Next time I promise it won't be so bad! But anyway I guess I'll just give you your picture. Keep debating Barney you guys! Talk to ya laterrrrr!

This is a good picture. This artist did a good job. It's called Burlesque singer. Just putting it cause I was singing today. Bye now!


  1. yes, i still read this. lmao.
    Okay - two things.
    First - Don't cut your hair.
    Second - And that's not a foolproof method, that's only if someone has a plan to commit suicide and even then it's only sometimes true., not if they just become really upset and say "fuck it."

  2. Ok I was just saying! People say that..... I just was pointing out...

  3. :'( its been a week ally where r u

  4. Sorry. I'm back!!!! Play has been hectic!