Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Decision Making

Life sucks when you have to make hard decision. It always seems to at least. Most people run from their fears or some face it right away. I am most definitely a run away from my fears kind of person. It's really very terrible. Terribly terrible. But I'm a big girl right? I'll get over it soon, like most girls. We tend to stress over things and then minutes later we totally forget entirely. I'm pretty sure that must annoy the hell out of most guys, and well most girls hate it too. Take me for instance. I do not like how someone can cry over a guy one minute and then be making out with another the very same day. I once asked a girl why she did this after she had. All she said was, "I am young. Why should he have to tie me down?" Yeah you didn't say that a couple hours ago. You were crying about it ALL night. But who really cares right? Not me. Ptttssshhhh of course not.... That's a lie. I do care, because not only is it annoying but you sit there thinking 'HOW ARE YOU GETTING ALL THESE GUYS!' Okay maybe that's just an Alessandra thing.

Okay so I am very sorry for being so annoying today. I'm in a really bad mood. And I know I haven't written in a long time. I recently got to a computer so I'll be writing again! Yay for technology!!! Lap-tops are wondrous things! SO anyway, I need YOUR help! I need you to spread the love on my little blog here. I like knowing that people read this. Ha Ha. I'm just kidding you really don't need too. It would be cool though! (Hint hint....) Alright-y so I guess I'll just get on with this post cause yeah... It's not very interesting...

You know what. No Word of the day today. I'm in such a bad mood it just doesn't seem right. I don't really know why. I just can't get myself to pick one. Goodness me something MUST be wrong with me. Ok well now I have to think of something else to say... Hmmm.... What should I write about people? Hmm.... I know! I'll talk about music.

So yeah, music. Did you know I sing? Well of course you did. I talk about it. :P But anyway, so want to hear a dream of mine? I have always wanted to start a band. A friend of mine did and it flourished. They are always having shows and being cool... I miss them. But whatever. Anyway, I absolutely love music. All kinds! well except country. I don't like country. I'll listen to anything else though! My friend Camryn has a huge music collection and she is always giving me music it's great! So seriously, when I put a band in my posts, you should really check them out. they are probably a lot better then you think! I have some good taste. SO This time I think I'm going to put three pictures. Because I feel like it... So here you go.

This is the Cab. Check them out. Alex Deleon and Alex Marshall are my loves!!!

This is Disco Curtis. Check them out. Tanner and AJ are my loves!

This is Ollie Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon. Check them out. (Hardcore) I don't like them AS much but I still love them! Ollie Sykes= my love!

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  1. i fucking love the cab.
    and tell me more about this. bet i can help.