Sunday, September 27, 2009

If You're a flyer, then fly my Falcon!

So I want to start off by saying that I am sorry taht I haven't written ina while. I do not have a computer as you might know, (Have I mentioned that before?) so I have been trying to go to the library everyday, which of course does not work. once we get a computer I'll be able to write a lot more, though it doesn't really matter to you now does is? So Guess what everyone?!!! I made the Play and That Accapella group! Aren't I just so talented? Bahahah not really. I'm just uber happy. Only one other thing could make me happier and that involves someone comfessing their undying love for me, but that will never happen now will it. Ha ha ha by the way that was a joke. So anyway, I am so freaking happy, it's insane! I could not be happier! WEll I could, but that's not the point! My optimism bar just went strait up, meaning I'm going to be annoyingly cheerful and helpful (did that make sense?)

So guess what everybody? I'm making my own comstume for Halloween this year, meaning I'm starting now on it. This year I am going to be a swan. I'm ver excited. It will be EPIC! It will be Fabulous! For any of you guys that know me, I hope you get to see it cause it will be fan- freaking- tastic! Lots of white, and epic hat, a feathery cape, and lace up boots! I ahve no clue as to how I will accomplish this project, knowing that I can't swe. Well what are moms for, eh? My mommy dearest willl probably have to help me a lot. But hey, after one time, iI'll probably get the gist of it and make my clothes by myself! Hmm next I should learn how to cook! Then I'll be able to cook, sew, and clean! Hmmm Won't I be a wonderful wife?

Speaking of cleaning, that's what I did all yesterday!!! Which was completely terrible, but at least it's done! Now there is room for my epic box fort, of which I still have to make, but whatever. By the way, it's time for the word of the day! The word for today, I have already said repeatedly. it's EPIC!! So here's the wonderful definition!!!!


1) Being unusually large, powerful or wonderful. On a grander scale then the modified word would otherwise imply

Sasha gave me the most epic blowjob

Yeah So that was an awkward difinition. Hopw you got a kick out of it. But seriously, epic is a totally overused word, but I love it. It goes right along the lines of FAIL. Also a wonderful word!!! So I have noticed that this entry is super short but I have to go! sorry. heres a picture

Yeah so not only is he really pretty but he is totally awesome! Check out Black Veil Brides! This is Andy Sixx by the way!


  1. I told you you had nothing to worry about, dummy. Oh well, congratulations. Also, /undyinglove WAS IT ME?! xp

  2. So like, andy sixx is like fucking gorgeous and i love you just for that picture.