Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dude Your Shoes Look Like They Have Been Raped. Glorious!

So you know those times that you say something, like word vomit, and you just feel like screaming FML after? Well imagine you walk up to a boy that you really like, and you "Wow, your shoes look like they have been raped. Glorious!" Just picture that moment. Can you see it? Do you feel bad for yourself? Because I have done that. And I feel bad for myself. It's not the most fun thing ever to do. You walk away from that person and mentally, (or in my case literally) slap yourself on the forehead. It's positively delicious. I just want to warn all of you young women out there, think before you speak. It really helps.

So on a different note, anyone excited for Friday? I'm not. I have come to like showing up at my school. I may not have many friends, but they ones I do have I like them a lot. Which is lovely (Old word of the day anyone?)! Man I have to say, Massachusetts football is totally different from Texas football. I don't think I have ever seen so many people go to a football game to not even watch it. I mean I know socializing is a natural thing in high schoolers but it's so weird to wee all of them talking to each other when some poor little boy, who's parents are probably forcing him to play that sport, is working is butt off. I feel bad for them. So for all of you that go to my high school and played tonight's game, I was watching to play. Your effort wasn't for nothing.

So I'm adding an extra paragraph because I'm not in the mood to put in the word of the day yet, so, I'm going to ramble on for a bit more. I really love music. My life has always been centered around music. I really wish I could start a band or something. Then I could spread my love for music to others. But it seems at my prep school, they think that being in a band is way to weird. I mean seriously, who wants to be a part of a form of art? Not me! It's quite silly really. Everyone listens to music, so why not be part of it? I'm actually going to try out for this Co-Ed accapella group and I was told to not even bother. What's so bad about me trying to do something I love? SO what if it's dorky and people will make fun of me? I don't! Let them jeer and laugh, I will be enjoying myself with a bunch of other people that love to sing also. So take that preppy teenagers that have no life! When I succeed in doing something I love and you are stuck working in a tiny cramped cubicle, you will probably rethink not doing something you love just because some kids might laugh at you.

Jesus, I"m so whiny today. Oh wells! SO now onto the thing you have been waiting for, the word of the day! It's super fantastic today! Can you guess what it is? Well you probably can't because my words of they day don't really have anything to do with what my posts are about. So anyway the work of the day is SALT! So here is your lovely definition. :]]

1. Salt-

1: adj. - to describe something unfortunate or unfavorable happening, or one's angered mood.

2: verb - to do something which causes an unfortunate or unfavorable situation.

3: inter. - to express distaste or unhappiness about a situation.

note: the international symbol of salt is brushing off one's leg with the back of their hand as if one is dealing with salt being spilled upon them. also, for additional effect, one may hiss like a snake (see: salt snake).
1: "did you hear the flyers lost?"
"yeah, i was pretty SALT about it, but then i remembered that those bums always lose."

2: "robert esche is doing his swiss cheese impression again this season."
"yeah, he really knows how to SALT everything up."

3: "someone finished off the last of the pizza."
"SALT, now what am i going to eat for breakfast tomorrow?"

Yeah so I had never ever heard of SALT until I moved here. People use it instead of saying "burn" or something. It's weird. They even have this wall at my school called the rejection wall. When the college letter come back, all of the seniors put their rejection letters up on the rejection walls, and all of their friend staple packet of salt on the letters. Isn't that weird? Oh yeah lets make our friend feel even worse that he/he got rejected by telling them it's a burn. I just find whole thing strange. I know it's meant to make people feel better, to show them that they aren't the only ones, they aren't alone in the rejection process, but seriously, you are kind of publicly displaying your crushed hopes. Hmmm maybe I'm just used to Texas, where everything is WIN WIN WIN! So if you were rejected from a college, no one ever heard about it. That secret was kept in a box, which was locked in a safe, that is buried deep in the ground where no one can find it. I swear it's crazy how many things have to be the best in Texas.... Well anyway I should go to sleep, so I'm a skivvie. Good night everyone. Hope there isn't much salt in you day tomorrow. Here's your pretty picture!!!

So yeah Kate moss is BEAUTIFUL!

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