Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hello, Great Wide Blogging World!

So I decided that I wanted to be like all of the cool kids these days and start my own blog instead of hearing or reading one. How lovely does that sound? Because that's what the world needs. Another teenage blogger to write about their feelings and about everything that's happening in the world that affects them. Sooooo, I better get right on that. There's a lot to write about.

My name is Alessandra, and I am in high school, I won't say which one or which grade I'm just in it. I just moved to the lovely state of Massachusetts, where the people aren't as friendly as they are in Texas. There's something about the south, maybe it's the food, but they are just really nice. If you have also just moved from the south to the northeast you probably felt the over-whelming culture shock. I should have listened to all of those Texans when they told me the kids up here wouldn't be the nicest. Ha ha ha, what an understatement! I mean I love it up here, but man do they know how to be rude. And it's marvelous! I love cranky teenagers!
So I have decided I need a little word of the day. And it's going to be Lovely! so here is the definition, just in case you are super retarded or something.

Lovely(adj)- 1] obsolete: LOVABLE
2] Delightful for beauty, harmony, or grace.
3] Grand, Swell
4] Eliciting love by moral or ideal worth.
(In this case I mean definition three.)

So I really, really, really, reallyx10 hope that I can be like all of you funny little New Englanders. Think I can? Or am I too nice? "Hey I'm from Bawston. I'm gonna pawk my caw."
Was that good? Hope it was lovely.

WELL, I'm a skivvie..... That mean I'm going to stop writing. For all those reading (*cough*no one*cough) Adieu.

Models are so pretty, but they sure do look like aliens.

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  1. just in case you are super retarded or something. haha. classic.