Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Falling slowly

I seem to have a theme of naming the blog I'm writing after the song I'm listening to. CAn you guess what it is this time? You got that right, it's falling slowly from Once. I really need to see that movie. It's sad that I'm obsessed with the song and yet have not seen the movie behind it. At least I'm not one of those people that buy a whole soundtrack to a movie and never see, but tell everyone about how you LOVE the music in it. I think that's just retarded! I always think, 'Meh what a poser!' What It's all good. People can do that if they wish, but seeing the movie usually gives you more reason to talk about the music. (I'm such a hypocrite!) So I must say though, everyone should listen to Falling Slowly from Once cause it's freaking amazing. I have been listening to it on repeat as I work on my English homework (the work that I should be doing while I write this but hey, I'm a procrastinator.)

So I was wondering, have you ever met someone that is so incredibly sweet and yet the most awkward person known to man? I sure have recently. The nicest person ever. Very animated, so happy, but so damn awkwardly shy! I wonder if they know that they are so awkward? Well actually I know they are. I used to be that awkwardly shy person, you know the one that deliberately stands away fromt he crowd. The one who tags along with a friend and doesn't know anyone and makes a point to not meet anyone cause you were "dragged" there. I must say, I even had a signiture stance. I would stand with my hip cocked and my hand on my elbow. My friends teased me for forever about that. I'm not saying that I'm not awkward still, because I certainly am, But I do have to say that I'm a lot better. I don't avert my eyes when I talk to people (well not that much at least), and I try to talk above a whisper. I'm a lot more out going then when I was younger. I have a lot of people that can vouch for me. Now there is a reason why I am rambling on about such inane things, and do you want to know why? The word of the day! It just so happens to be, AWKWARD! Ha ha, see I was going some where with this. So here's your lovely definition!


Interjection used in a situation that is slightly uncomfortable, often accompanied by a gesture where the lower arm is thrust out parallel to the ground with the hand open and fingers together with thumb on top.
(long pause) ...awkward..

So once upon a time that was me in a nut-shell. But hey, everyone has their phases. Mine was the awkward chick. I swear I really looked awkward too! But I could have been that girl who goes through a super depressed phase, or the one who gets really obnoxious and doesn't seem to have a mental block on whatever she say. These are all phases, so if you are going through that, or know someone who is, just ignore it. It'll eventually fade away... Hopefully. Goodness me, today seems to be more of me whining then me joking around about Massachusetts and its lovely inhabitants. I guess the writing of the writer effects what is written. Wow I used thatt word a lot in that sentence. Try to say that ten times fast. Well enough of this AWKWARD post! You have better things to do then read it. Peace out girl scout. (I am aware that if you are male you are not a GIRL scout. It's a saying. Get over it.) Here's your pretty picture of the day!

So check this guy out! Nsn all the way! (Nevershoutnever) He is Freaking amazing!

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