Saturday, September 19, 2009

You're a Shooting star Part 1

So this first post is dedicated to my best friend, Camryn. Now I will only do this for really really good friends so don't go asking me to write one about you, cause I won't. So here we go, this is all about you Camryn. Hope you love it!

Once upon a time, on July 13 1994, A beautiful girl was born. She was freaking crazy I tell you. From the start she was a musical fiend! Grew up listening to the best, like Jimmy Eat world. I mean seriously, this chick has to absolutely amazing. She was super smart too. Always getting good grades and reaching for the top. Always taking the hardest classes ever. But the only problem was, I bet she was super lonely, because she hadn't met me. Yes, you read right, she was lonely until she met me. (Ha ha ha Camryn, you know I love you) So anyway, her life actually started one fateful day in German class. She entered the room late, walked up to a random seat and sadly her peace was interrupted by an annoyingly high squeaky voice answering the teachers question. And it happened again and again and again. Who was this girl? Some know it all? Gosh she was just SOOOO annoying (for the record I wasn't actually all that annoying!) She refused to talk to her at first. I mean this girl was so, so annoying. But eventually it was inevitable. She just had to talk to her because her friend Gio was totally besties with her, (cause she was amazing!) Turned out they had a lot in common. They listened to the same music, they had some of the same friends, and soon, next thing you know she was asking her to a concert.

Yes everyone. My best friend thought I was the most annoying thing in the world at first. She thought I was totally weird. But it got a lot bettter after that first Breathe Carolina concert. Breathe Carolina just has a way of bringing out the good in everyone. If you want to meet anyone totally amazing i suggest you go to one of their shows. They are freaking fantastic.

But anyway, about Camryn. From then on we were inseperable. She took me to all of the best concerts and we were always going to the mall to scope out guys. She just has so much in common with me. We listen to the same music, we do the same kinds of things. She has her little fanfiction secrets just like me (I mean what are the odds that we would read the same kinds of stories?) I find that I can actually have a real conversation with her. She is wonderful and beautiful! Seriously, you are lucky to even meet her. Don't let her bitchy personality fool you, she's a total marshmellow.

This post may not make any sense but then again, you don't have to read it. Most people don't. This one is mostly meant for Camryn. (You better be happy with it chicka, This is totally rushed!) I just want to say that Camryn is the most amazing, beautiful person ever. And no one could ever take her place. You can be my best friend too, but never take her place. So remember SHE IS FREAKING AMAZING AND I LOVE HER!!!!!!!

Isn't she Gorgie???!!! :]]]

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