Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fame, I'm Gonna Live Forever!

Today, we have had the wonderful experience of lighting a fire in our fireplace. Now we had done this many many times in Germany, but for some reason, this fire decided to be extra smokey, which mean, the dreaded fire-alarm when off. Not a pleasant sound. Now you know how smoke is supposed to go up the chimney? Well that's not what it is doing. It's going out of the fireplace into our rooms. It smells like burning firewood in my home everyone! It's... Fun? Oh what am I saying, it's oodles of noodles of fun. (Dane Cook reference) So what's been happening my friends? Enjoying the colder weather? I know I am! I love the cold. Well I love the cold when I am dressed appropriately. Don't you just hate it when you leave for school in the morning, thinking it will be cold, but it turns out that it is really, really cold!?! I hate that! I like being warm in the cold. It's nice!

So today I am going to my very first party. I have never been to a real party before until tonight so cross your fingers for me, okay? Yes so what exactly do you do at a party? Especially one for seventy-five people? I mean I know it's outside, in a tent, with a DJ. Yeah and that there will be a lot of people from my grade. Yuck. People in my grade just don't like me. They think I'm "emo." Not very cool man!!!! I blame the hair. It was supposed to be "scene" but here there is no scene. There is emo/ goth. I am neither of those. But anyway, I don't know why I'm worrying about this party. It doesn't even matter. Never mind anything i said. Wow I just wasted a minute or two of your life on this silly paragraph.... Wasn't it just lovely? It was great. I know, I know. You loved it.You did indeed.

So time for the word of the day I guess. Yes that mean I'm in a better mood. No biggie. So any way your word for today is... MERP.

1. merp

noun: Mary Jillian Castillo
verb: 1. To savor things beyond the last drop.
2. Prolonging a topic of conversation, joke, or noun beyond its recommended life-span.
adjective: cute. whimsical anime-style, often used to characterize head garb.
noun. "'ey Merp!"
verb. "Stop looping that song before you merp it."
adj. "That is quite a nice merp-hat you are wearing today, sir."

2. merp
A playful term used between friends
TJ; *Pokes Maria* Merp.

Ok well it has many other definitions but I can't copy and paste them right now and I'm too lazy to type them all up. So yeah I picked this word because people have been asking me what it meant and well, I honestly didn't really know what it was. So I looked it up! Yay! So everyone look at all the other definitions on Very useful website man! It defines everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! Go there and worship it. No don't do that. That's bad. Almost as bad as smoking. Have I mentioned that I am strait-edge? Yes, I don't drink or smoke, so please don't ask if I want to, because I don't. Too many people offer. I don't like it when people offer. It's annoying. Wow I'm really going for choppy sentences today. It's. Terrific. Very. Much. So. What if people actually spoke like that? Well sometimes people do. It makes me laugh. Sometimes I'll even talk back to them like that. It's hilarious because you can really tell that they don't even notice that they speak in such choppy sentences. So when you start talking like they do to them, they think you are really weird. It's funny. I love it. But anyway I should get going! I need to get ready for said party that I'm going to. Goody goody gumdrops. So peace love and happiness to you all. If you have my number then text me... Or call me. Whichever. And if you don't have my number? Well then that's too bad. Ha. Okay well here's your pretty picture.

So yeah This is Lights. She is probably the most beautiful woman to walk this Earth. I wish I looked like her because she is beautiful. Goodness! So look her up on myspace. There is her link! Yeah so she is amazing. If you guys get her to meet me I'll love you forever! I'm serious I really really want to meet. her. She is my idol... Okay well goodbye my lovelies!!!


  1. you should change the theme, it looks really white and plain :)

  2. Hahaha I will.... Sorry been so busy, Writing right now!!!