Saturday, October 24, 2009

Attack of those firery ninjas!!!

So hey, I haven't blogged in a little while.... Sorry about that! I have been super busy with the play and everything. But, I'm blogging now so have no fear, AllyO'mally is here!!! Wow lame.... So anyway, Have I got a story for you! Damn it, I sound like the freaking Veggie-Tales! (Which by the way you should all watch because it's amazing!) Yeah So, I have a solo... Oooh big deal right? Well that's what I thought, until I found out that it is in front of the WHOLE FREAKING SCHOOL! Yeah I'm freaking out over here. I have not sung in front of that many people before.... Luckily I have Team AC with me! I love those guys. For those of you who actually read this... And if you go to my school, Yeah they are all amazing, granted they are all Theater Nerds. (Theater nerds are amazing so whatever.) ANYWAY, I have more to rag on about Massachusetts people, because I'm cool like that, and because I secretly love them all for it.

Yeah so what the heck is up with people that talk to you ALL the time via facebook and texting, but they NEVER talk to you in person? It's so annoying!!!! I mean it's especially annoying if they are always telling you to talk to them in person, but they never actually make conversation with you. Exhibit A: I have a friend, who has no name. Anyway he is always getting mad at me because I never talk to him in person. So I see him walking down the halls one day, so I say hello for once. And what does he do? He smirks at me and walks away. Yes, he SMIRKS at me, and WALKS AWAY! What. The. Hell? Blegh it makes no sense whatsoever! I mean seriously? This is the kid who is always telling me I'm never talking to him in person and that makes him "so sad." Well Apparently not so sad because the freaking douche didn't talk to me! (By the way, this is only jokingly. I don't actually hate him or anything.) Yeah but has that ever happened to you guys? Just those stupid kids that do that? Or do you do that to people? Either way it's SO ANNOYING right?!!!

Ha, I'm really diggin' the caps lock right now. It really conveys your feelings, good or bad. Yeah so I want to address something. I am SO sorry that parts of my stupid blog are being cut off, especially in that last post. I mean that's just RETARDED! HA there I go with the caps lock again... But yeah, I'm sorry if on your computer it did that. On some computers it may be just fine, but on mine, it's cut off, which is retarded, as I had said before. Wow a lot of commas in that sentence, some of them probably not needed, but whatever, it's all in good fun. So anyway ready for your word of the day? It's gonna be delicious. Literally. The word of the day is DELICIOUS! Ha so here you go. Definition for you dumb-asses.

1. delicious

Food that taste very, very, good.
This chocolate cake is delicious!



Used to describe someone who is very attractive and/or has tremendous sex appeal.
See Billie Joe Armstrong.
The lead singer of Green Day is delicious.



A hottie that has it all. Brains, Bod, Personality, Tude, A True Goddess...
She is so delicious - a total package. Just the thought of her is enough to make me loose my mind.

In my personal opinion, you are all positively DELICIOUS for reading this. You make me happy, whether you like it or not! Ha, NSN reference! Oh by the way I was told I had to say this for my friends. Gabe and Mickey are both douches. Total dicks. Ha ha ha. There I told everyone just as you asked. (Something gives me the feeling you don't even read this... Ha!) Right-o! So I can't really think of much else to talk about. I might be doing two posts today, because I need to catch up on lost time. By the way, thank you, one reader, who commented and told me to keep blogging. I'm blogging right now because I saw that! Yay! You're a cool one! *Insert smiley face* I'm trying not to use emoticons. Anyway, I guess it's time for your pretty picture and for me to take my leave! Talk to you again later tonight probably! And if I don't leave me very angry comments. That will show me! Ha! 'Kay well here's your picture!!!

Yeah so this is a Rockstar. I thought this picture was absolutely amazing! Check out It has all of this art submitted by these people and a lot of it is really wonderful! Check it out! Okay well peace out, "Y'all." Eww I hate that. I will never use it again.,


  1. YEY colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thank you for using my input, it looks much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. cool beans it tis, is your name Allison of the O'Mally clan

  4. Ha no. It is not.... Sorry to day. Ha!

  5. ... whats so sorry about today?