Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey look at me!

So I am so very tired of this play. I mean I get that we have to practice every day, but darn! I'm so tired everyday! It's like they don't even know that we have school! I am a high schooler, in AP classes. Yeah, practicing everyday after school until the wee hours of the night is so difficult. And we are off book now! (That's theater lingo for we are not using our scripts anymore.) Have you ever been in a play? When you do, you can complain to me about how much time you are spending on the damn thing. Now on to other news, the swan costume is going very well. I'll upload pictures when it's all done. Sadly to say this project of me making the costume is not working. My mom is the one making it. Gr on that. I really need to learn how to sew. I want to make all of my own clothes and have this crazy, cool unique style! That would be fun! But hey, I'm a girl, I think about being my own person with unique style all the time. Ha! Not at all. I have no style what-so-ever. It's great. I like clothing... Hmmmm do I ever... All right I'll change the subject now.

So I face a mission for all of you guys! I want you all to ask everyone around you, whoever is there, whether Barney is Purple or a Weird Shade Of Blue. And then I want you to argue the opposite of whatever they tell you. I know this sounds really really weird, but trust me, it's kind of fun... Then I want you to comment, telling me what happened. Do it! You know you want to! I know that it is weird but seriously... It's fun! (Man I have a weird sense of fun...) Ok anyway, I think it's time for the word of the day. And guess what it is? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... It's JIZZ! I was listening to The lonely Island's Jizz In My Pants today and have now decided that you should all know what it means. So yeah here...

1. jizz

is an organic fluid known as semen that usually contains spermatozoa. It is secreted by the gonads (sexual glands) and other sexual organs of male or hermaphroditic animals, including slugs, for fertilization of female ova. The process of discharge is called ejaculation.
She got jizz all over her : She has semen all over her.

2. jizz

The secret ingredient of a Big Mac.
Wow, you can really taste the jizz!

Yeah So I am super embarrassed for this Word of the Day but yeah.... I felt it was needed. Ha! SO anyway, how has everyone's day been? Mine has been pretty... Okay? I hate it when people are juvenile... Okay that isn't true. I hate it when people act stupid for stupid reasons. I mean, let me tell you a story. There was this guy, and he liked me, but we are only just friends. Now I know people hate that line "I see you only as a friend," but think about it, If you honestly don't see them that way are you just gonna say, I don't like you? No you won't say that because it's not true. You would say "I like you as only a friend." And so I wanted to be honest and I was. But now woe is me, he won't even look at me! Not only will he not look at me or talk to me, but now none of his friends will either! Which is stupid because I am fiends with all of them and now I have no one to hang out with. Blegh. Boys are silly... They are! I don't know of any girls that do that! Hmph... But anyway, I have good news for all of you that know me... Of course I won't say it over the Internet you will have to ask me in person... Ha! Now a couple of the four readers can go crazy! Buahahahah! Well yeah, I really should go now... So Adieu for now! Here is your pretty picture. Peace!

I am IN LOVE with this boy's hair. Deviant art, You can find the best pictures!


  1. i won the argument, i hope your happy, m'lady ally

  2. Good job! What color were you arguing for? :]]

  3. Indeed he is! Hahahah that's what I always say. xP